1. jingoholidays

    Happiness of Family Vacations

    Traveling is something which everybody wants to do in their life. But due to certain challenges and other issues can't make them happen. I am also very excited to travel with my family but it's not always possible. Travel is the term which gives you relaxation in every moment of your life like...
  2. J

    Jacob Wagschal Typepad advice

    Hey guys I'm Jacob Wagschal from Monsey, NY and I love real estate and created a website that I paid for. I need help on ways to connect with people and get my blog out there to more people. It's all about real estate and I already posted it on all my social media accounts, but I would like if I...
  3. S

    stat counter on blog

    I run a blog as well as a static webpage and I want to separate out my statistics. Is it possible, first of all, to run Stat counter on the wordpress platform, and secondly to enable it to selectively show statistics for the blog pages only? Sorry if this is confusing. there may be an easier...
  4. R

    Limiting viewable stats for an/any IP

    Limiting stats for an/any IP Hi, I have been using statcounter for many years on just normal static website(s). Now I have it also installed on my new blog (through the WP-Plugin), but now all I really get are very long lists of the same visitors/IP's and when they reach 100 a nice little link...
  5. T

    tumblr and 0 second visit message?

    Hi there, have just started using statcounter just for interest to see who is viewing a blog I run on tumblr and where they are, etc! However, I am getting a little confused. I pasted the code in to my html description box as the download guide told me to, and I have been getting regular...
  6. S

    Pls help,i can't publish stat counter codes on my wordpress blog

    Pls, i am a techie rookie but with a wordpress blog installed and designed for me by my techie friend. i want to install stat counter and publish the codes on my wordpress blog but i cant. Where do i go to publish the stat counter codes? All assistance will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. B

    Use of the meter statcounter on several blogs wordpress

    I have several blog in wordpress and I request am what it is possible to use same code HTML to post the number of visits on the whole of the blogs, or a new inscription should each time be made the new bond. I succeeded with addition a meter statcounter with the blog follow...
  8. B

    identifying recent visitors

    Is there a way I can find the url for a visitor to my blog?
  9. S

    some downloads are not recorded

    Hi I can't figure out why DXF file downloads from my Wordpress self hosted blog do not show up in the stats. The visit to the above site shows correctly but not when a visitor clicks on the links to download. Everything else appears to get tracked just fine on all the blog pages and image...
  10. M

    Feed Burner

    Hi Guys! I'm new to SC! (even though I've used it for months) and just beginning to understand how it all works. I have a most likely silly question. Does StatCounter count subscribers from FeedBurner in my daily tally? I have a blog and have installed SC, but I'm not sure I'm getting ALL my...
  11. M

    Judges Needed!

    You know you can not be your own judge! As a result, please visit and judge my blog. What should I add, remove or modify? please you are needed. Judge someone and others will judge you. Many people said it is a controversial name to content. Is it true? :confused: