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    Question about counting pageviews on Blogger

    Hi, I'd like to know what StatCounter counts as a page view. If have 15 posts on my main blogger screen/page, and someone scrolls down to the end and reads them all, is that counted as one page view? Thanks, Julia
  2. C

    How To Track Opera Mini Visitors With Statcounter On Blogger?

    Hi fellas, i've searched around but couldn't find any topic regarding this topic. After Google set loose mobile-friendly algorithm on 21st of April, startcounter has stopped tracking visitors using Opera Mini to access my blog site. Am previously using a custom responsive template with...
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    Regarding Stat Counter Features

    I have this site - It runs on blogger platform... I have multiple queries so i decided to post it here- 1. My site has a great amount of mobile traffic, so does the stat counter give clear information on which OS & browser my readers are using to brows 2. Does it also...
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    Changing my e-mail log-in at Blogger

    My registered e-mail address at Blogger is one that I no longer have! I can still log in with it, using the same password, but I'm concerned that one day they will need to e-mail me some information that I will be required to respond to and then I'm going to be in trouble, as my blog...
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    Counting visits on Blogger mobile layout

    xfranky - project 8533361 ( Tried searching for this but no server-side solution was ever proposed. Adding the full code to a HTML/Javascript widget in Blogger won't count any visit from mobile devices since the widget does not get created in the mobile...
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    I Need Help regarding IP Blocking

    Hiii I found This Thread on and am having the Same problem I did what is mentioned in the Second Post and it worked when i added my ip address to check it but one of my Friend Said He i unable to open the blog. I Guess...
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    Blogger impact on StatCounter

    Blogger had a new idea - implemented unilaterally - of changing all addresses of Bloggers to local ones (adding country id to URL). That might be ok, but they also put out an algorithm which pointed all web-crawlers (and harvesters, and referral spammers) to our sites. Suddenly, in 12 hours, my...
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    huge traffic drop after move to new blogger template

    Hi - I use the Blogspot/blogger service. I used the Minima stretch template for years with the Statcounter code and the service worked very well. Recently I made a switch to the Simple template offered by Blogspot and installed the Statcounter code in an html widget via the design page as...
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    Why do StatCounter stats not match Bloggers?

    Just wondering, and this may have been covered before, why do StatCounter stats not match Blogger's? Which number should I actually pay attention to? It seems to be even worse today than usual.
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    Statcounter stopped counting now that I'm self hosted.

    I just moved my Blogger blog to a private host using WP software and I used Blogger Importer plugin. All seemed well until I started checking statcounter stats which seem to be registering only redirects from the site. I pasted the java script code (invisible statcounter) into a...
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    Blogger (blogspot) and XHTML compliant

    I used Blogger (blogspot) for my blogs together with Statcounter for real time vistior statistics and am satisfied. However, I have all along used the HTML version and not the XHTML compliant one. Anyone can advise on which to use and/or what are the considerations? How important is it to...
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    Seeing on popular pages

    Hi, I'm using statcounter since years. Recently I've moved my blogger blog to wordpress and reinstalled statcounter code. But now I see the url "" as the most popular page on my site stats. This url belongs to the Facebook Recommendations...
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    Questions about content warning pages and jump breaks

    Hi..okay, I have a couple questions pertaining to Blogger, specifically. I have a blog with adult content, so all readers first encounter a content warning page before they can procede to the blog. Am I correct in assuming then, that my pageloads are double what they would be if I didn't have...
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    Using StatCounter in a Blogger layout template

    I started using StatCounter a few months ago. Whenever I post a blog, I add the StatCounter html produced tracker to my layout template>Gadget>Html/Javascript in Blogger per StatCounter help suggestions. However, the template layout pertains to all blogs rather one specific blog post. Hence...
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    Blogger / gadget or html?

    Your instructions for installing StatCounter have confused me a little -- you say to paste the code above the /body tag, then you say to paste the code to the html gadget. Both? I pasted to both the html gadget and to the Edit HTML window. Is this correct? Thanks.
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    Installing StatCounter On Blogger

    I have installed StatCounter on the homepage of my Blogger Blog using a Gadget. I use the code for the visible homepage only counter. However, there is also an invisible counter code for every other page; do I need to use that code in my pages as well for StatCounter to work? Thank you...
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    Blogger and Visit length

    :confused:When I analyse "visit length" lately for my different blogs I get varying stats and at the bottom of the "visit length" page there is a suggestion to install the statcounter code on all of your pages for a better understanding of your visitors' behavior. Is this possible with Blogger...
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    Blogger Referring Links

    I recently started a new blog and installed statcounter with no problem at all. I love this tool! It seems though, most of the time right after I post, I get a bunch of hits from a referring url that when I click on it takes me to a page and says it cannot complete my request. I'm assuming...