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    Incorrectly closed?

    Hello! Hopefully this is the right forum for this. I'm hoping I can get some feedback on this: This morning I went to go on statcounter and got this. Note that I am NOT logged in at all. I did not close my account, certainly not overnight. No matter what I click (like get in contact with us to...
  2. M

    Other url appears in "Paid Traffic"

    Hello Something strange happened in my Statcounter project that has me worried. I was watching the options of my project and I wanted to see what was "Paid traffic". When I read this information, an url appears that was not mine and, strangely, is a stalker that I have identified for years...
  3. R

    help me check please - page not being logged

    Hi, I need help :confused: - i think one single page on my website is not being logged by statconter - so I loose all visitors on that page (which is a shame because it's a successful one). Could someone click on it and let me know? (Its nothing dangerous... :roll:)...
  4. N

    Stats all at zero for last two days?

    According to Google Analytics, my site http://www.ciphermysteries.com/ had ~400 visitors over the last two days, but the StatCounter stats for the same period are precisely zero. I use (and have used for a long time) the latest [1.6.3] version of the Official Statcounter WordPress plugin...
  5. R

    Blocking Cookie problem - suggested fixes don't work

    I had no problems at all with the Blocking Cookie before. I've tried all the remedies suggested but it still quits and counts my visits. It shouldn't be something the customers have to fix themselves. I think it should be a bug that gets fixed on the server by Statcounter. Thanks
  6. K

    A bug? Statcounter is combining two sets of visits to display as one

    Hi guys, In my statcounter account, for some reason under "Recent Pageload activity", it combines my visits and someone else's visits because I can see under "System" it shows Chrome browser whereas I don't use Chrome. When I expand that entry, it shows Firefox and the drill down shows my...
  7. E

    Email Reports bug: standard users can subscribe to premium

    Hello, I've just noticed a bug. I saw the feature Email Reports, but because I am a standard user I can't check Daily because it's just for premium. I wanted to see if the work it's well done and I edited with Chrome Inspector so I could check Daily. And...it allowed me to subscribe to Daily...
  8. V

    Statcounter is not loading

    I've got a WP site and the statcounter used to work perfectly fine, but now every page where I've got the SC code installed is loading at least 15 sec. I needed to remove the code in order to solve the loading issue - without it the pages load very fast. I also have problems with the...
  9. Q

    Site Crashing

    Thought I just posted this, but don't see it. Sorry, newbie. Got email from attempted viewer saying that she saw a quick glimpse of home page before a page saying it was (not cool) uploading info to statcounter. HELP HELP. Like program, many cool features, but must fix fast, as I have paid for...
  10. B

    Counter recording one visit multiple times.

    Lately almost whenever anyone visits my blog, the stats are recording their one visit anywhere from 5 to a dozen times in a row. Example: They'll click on the link I give on Facebook which takes them to my blog (where the counter is), and they'll only do it once -- but it comes up several...