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    "Came From" not working how I think it works

    I searched for "Came from not working" and I get a message that says "Two common words "Came" and "from" were omitted from your results" Doesn't that totally defeat the purpose of this search function when one of the major components of Statcounter is the "Came from" option? :roll::mrgreen...
  2. B

    Grouping stats

    Hi, I have searched for a possibility to group results in the 'referring links' section. Many of my visitors 'came from' Facebook, but all from different URLs, such as - - - -...
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    Difference in "Came From" and "Recent Came From"

    Can someone give me a simple explanation of how to interpret the "Came From" stats? Also, what is the difference between "Came From" and "Recent Came From"? Thanks Scott
  4. Y

    Came From/Referring Link not working

    I have never received a referring link or a came from for The other website I have with Statcounter shows them fine. What is wrong?
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    No referring links and keyword activity for

    I'm not seeing any referring links/came from and keyword activity when checking the statistics for my blog. I have done as instructed, placing the HTML-code in a Text Widget on the left side. Thank you in advance.
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    "Recent Came From"

    For some reason Statcounter is showing that I have over 150 unique visitors for the day, however when I go to "Recent Came From" it only lists 2 visitors "came from." Any idea why this info isn't being displayed? Appreciate anyone's insight on this. I also have listed a sub domain as a project...
  7. R

    database error

    When I click on 'Came from' I get a database error:
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    Recent Came from

    Hi, I have a blog in blogspot named and I have put the following addresses in the address list: ' ' ' ' ' ' '' but in the Recent came from...
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    Wondering about hashtags at the end of entrance links

    My facebook account was recently hacked. While the hacker was logged in as me he clicked a link to my personal website which is linked to statcounter. Is there any difference in the appearance of the entrance link when it is accessed while logged in to my account as opposed to when it is...
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    Logs Down

    Logs are down. No data is being generated in Popular Pages, Entry Pages, its all empty. It started at about 10 AM PST Thanks.
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    what it means 'came from'

    I have some visitors marked as 'came from' what does this mean? I don't think my page link appears anywhere in facebook. how can they get to my page from ''? any explanations appreciated.
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    Came From Page: Top Referrers by MONTH?

    This may be a newbie question and I'm just a complete dunce on how to use the page. I tried to search for it in the forums but...anywhoo: I'm trying to figure out my Top Referrers for the MONTH. The "came from" page seems to be the most recent for the DAY. Is it possible to see it by month...
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    Statcount Guru's - How to Tidy Came From

    Hi, I hope that someone brighter than me can help me. When I look in my came from I see lots of entries for the same domain but the url variables are different and hence result in multiple "Came Froms" etc. eg...
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    need help

    i recently installed a tracker on myspace profile, i was just wondering how do i find out how my visitor found my profile? and how do i know its a friend on my friends list or its just someone browsing and came across my profile or someone that typed my url in the address bar? any help would...