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    Statcounter WP plugin doesn't show anymore in Chome

    Hi, I am using StatCounter already for years at my Wordpress site without problems. Today StatCounter all of a sudden doesn't show anymore in Chrome, with a message : "We are experiencing a temporary problem. We'll be back as soon as possible. [...]". However, the stats show without a problem...
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    Statcounter counter not updating in Chrome

    Hello some two weeks ago the counter on my Statcounter site stopped displaying on my Chrome browser. The extensions I'm using are Google Tag Manager, Google Hangouts, SEO Quake, Ghostery and Delicious. To check if only the counter is not diplaying but the result is being sent to Stacounter, I...
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    Printing layout/formatting fail

    Hi All When I print from StatCounter in Chrome on Win 7 (Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 m - but had the same problem on my previous PC) everything displays perfectly in the browser, but using any printer driver seems to completely ignore the CSS and everything comes out in crappy layout and...
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    column text cut off in chrome on linux

    I just started using Chrome in RHEL6 linux, and I've noticed that in some statcounter views (recent pageload activity, recent came from, recent keyword activity, etc.), the first part of the text in some columns is cut off. it's really minor -- sometimes less than even a single letter -- but I...
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    Chrome Voice Search

    What do you think about the voice activated search? I was thinking about a murder case (current) where a search for Chloroform on Google is playing a part in the prosecution... however, it was testified today that the search was not done by the person the prosecution is going after... the...
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    Safari Top sites and Chrome Snapshots

    I have recently received a flow of (way too many) visits with no referrer from Safari 4.0. I it has to do with the feature "Top Sites". This feature sets as your homepage snapshots of your most visited websites, it even tells you when the content has changed. A request is made whenever the...