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    Statcounter on Tumblr

    Hi there I’ve had statcounter on my tumblr blog for many many years but have recently noticed no visits have been recorded in a year I went to check the code on my tumblr blog and it’s no longer in the description or in the HTML body of my “theme” Anyway I tried to copy and paste the code...
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    Should I replace the code?

    I just noticed that the custom html/javascript code available for our pages has changed. I don't know when this change became available, but I'm wondering if it has an impact on my totals if I don't change all my pages over. I've noticed a drop off in visitors, but that could just be me and...
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    Upgrade still showing pages visited as 'unknown'

    username: amerrierworld website: My website is a blog, and I discovered from searching these forums that I needed to upgrade my statcounter account in order to receive statcounter info on the pages of my site that visitors are reading. I have upgraded...
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    Inactive project received a hit, how?

    My first project was nearing its 500 log limit, I know it can record infinitely but I like to keep my records, so I created another project and took the original code out for my first project, and reinstalled a new code for the second project to start tracking visits again. Here is the...
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    Statcounter for certain Wordpress page?

    Hi everybody, I have the Statcounter code installed on my Wordpress blog. It works fine. But is it possible to install a Statcounter code for a certain page that I made? Johanna
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    Is StatCounter Code Unique

    Is the "StatCounter Code" which is embedded on a website in order to use StatCounter unique? Can this code be used to figure out all of the website which are under one StatCounter account?
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    Weebly footer code - or not?

    Hello all, first off, just want to say Hooray! for Statcounter! This maths/stats geek here is in paradise! :mrgreen: I have a question relating to using Statcounter with a Weebly website. In the Statcounter instructions for Weebly sites, it makes it quite clear that you use "custom html"...
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    "Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy." posting on my site

    HELP! I might not understand how to publish the script to the website. I'm using Rapidweaver 5 to design my websites. I recently added StatCounter code to my sites. I am now seeing "Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy" on every page of my site. What do I do and do my customers see this message on...
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    Editing Statcounter HTML: ill-advised?

    Background: Project name (and username) apfwebs. Website SC code placed in footer of all pages, no image displayed. This is a small-time and simple-minded site, referenced by a few others, to show potential clients (mostly local and pro-bono) that I can handle web design...
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    stat counter code

    Hi, I had a simple question concerning the code. On your help section, I read you do not have to install the code on each individual page (blog post). Then while viewing my stats it does say this "If you only install the StatCounter code on one page of your website and your visitors never...
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    Log Records being Applied to Wrong Project

    Hi, I have a problem where it seems that the log records for two different projects are going into the same project log. I have a whole bunch of statcounter projects defined, but yesterday I started a new one, installed the code on the pages, and made it live. The records for it are...
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    Statcounter is not loading

    I've got a WP site and the statcounter used to work perfectly fine, but now every page where I've got the SC code installed is loading at least 15 sec. I needed to remove the code in order to solve the loading issue - without it the pages load very fast. I also have problems with the...
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    Stat Counter not Counting

    I installed my code on a site that I built (wordpress) and it's not counting when visitors come to the page. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. I tried moving the code up the page, as the help FAQ suggested, but it still isn't working. I have a pro account and have the code installed...
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    Same Code or New Code on each post?

    When I registered for StatCounter I used my "Homepage" URL where my articles are listed in summary form. "" I used that code at the end of each post on my blog. What I was wondering was..... am I suppose to generate...
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    putting code on office live website

    I followed the instructions on pasting my stat counter on office live website putting it in the custom header and i still keep getting errors it keeps saying the style sheet does not contain a document element. Now when i open the custom header there is already a code there i have been deleating...
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    Code Problem

    I changed the layout of my blog and since that time (4 hours ago) have not been getting any hits. I tested it out going to my blog to see if if I got a hit and I didn't. Do I need to reinstall the code?
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    link inside the default hidden counter code neccessary for scripting to work properly

    Just a small question, as I don't know much about JavaScript and can't find out myself: One of my homepages uses lots of centered tables and huge display:block-links - sometimes there is no space outside to put the code in, and Tidy then repeats the framing hyperlink several times in the...
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    I had my website checked with the W3C markup validation service and it came up with 7 mistakes ... that were all in the StatCounter Code! (If you're interested, see results here.) I'm not greatly alarmed or anything but I just wondered if you (at StatCounter) were aware of this. I would...
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    Project and Exit Links

    Hello, I noticed one of my projects has exit links and the other two do not. do I have to update the counter code to have the exit link stats. thanks wtsfree
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    Installation Options

    When I get to the point in creating a new project where you have the "Installation Options" and select either the Default Installation Guide or whatever blogging or editing software/platform being used, it doesn't matter which I select. It always generates a wordpress, or myspace or some...