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    Wrong summary because of non-cookie visitors?

    My english is not so good so sorry for mistakes. I have a to high amount of visitors counted in the summary (compared to another counter installed). From which i understand the main problem could be that the visitor has the cookies disabled. In the summary every visit will be counted as a new...
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    European Cookie law - StatCounter users in violation?

    European law has now come into force in the UK requiring user consent before placing cookies in their browsers. See this BBC article: I suspect that because StatCounter uses cookies to detect unique and returning visitors, almost of of us are now...
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    Session Cookie lifetime - Statcounter doesn't count every visit to my website?

    I've set up an interstitial ad on my website (WordPress 3.3.2 on Nginx+PHP-FPM+MySQL) through the use of a little trick: The index.php file checks if there is a new session, and in this case we load the interstitial and we set up a session cookie lifetime of 300 seconds (5 mins) in order to...
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    unable to log in

    unable to log in... using correct username and password... still unable to log in. :(
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    Is my IP address block/cookies working?

    I think I set up my account to block my IP address. I also checked the section that talks about blocking by cookies and it indicates that it is set to block. But when I look at my statistics in the Coming From section, many of the URLs are Blogger, and when I click the links, they are my...
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    Request: Multiple Blocking Cookies?

    Is it possible to put in more than one blocking cookie for all projects?
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    Impact of new EU Directive on cookies

    Has anyone at Statcounter been looking at the impact of the new EU Directive on e-Privacy? I have to admit that I haven't read the Directive in detail (and I'm not a lawyer!) but the way the news article reads, it looks like this could mean a fundamental change for Statcounter users in the EU...
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    Firefox automatically sets to block cookies for

    Hello, I use Firefox 3.6 to access Since a while I don't know when exactly my login cookies for arent saved anymore. Now I figured out that firefox is set to block cookies from If I set it to allow or to default (which also is allow) it sets...
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    Statcounter and IE8 Private Browsing

    Does anyone know how the new "private browser" mode in IE8, Safari and Firefox will affect our ability to take advantage of Statcounter's service? If cookies are turned off, it makes me worry the service won't be of much use. Does anyone have any insight on if these new technologies will...
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    "don't log site owner" cookie doesn't work

    Am I the only one who is having this issue? I do NOT want stat counter to log my own visits to my site, especially when I'm working on it! Even so, it keeps doing it. I tried clicking "Create blocking cookie for all projects" button, but the sentence above it doesn't change from: "Your...