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    Automatic collection of Statcounter data

    I collect monthly statistics from a number of New Zealand blogs for use in my NZ Blog ranking list. Currently I am doing this by using a web query in excel and refreshing the query each month. However, I have some annoying problems with the web query to Statcounter data. There is a...
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    How to count direct download links?

    Hello everybody, I recently found that direct download links aren't counted. Example : I give a friend a direct link to a file stored on my website. I want it to be counted in StatCounter, but it's not. Obviously, it's because there is no script loaded between the click and the...
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    Downloads not being counted?

    On June 25, my downloads (as viewed in "Download Activity") stopped abruptly. Ever since then my other counts seem to be significantly lower as well. Any thoughts on what the problem is?
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    Download History

    I have been asked to download all data/history for our sites that are tracked here but I cannot figure out how to do so. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tracking remotely hosted downloads

    I am trying to track links on my site to downloads hosted on another site. I have read several of the other threads, and I realize that it won't track them as downloads, only exit links, but they still aren't showing up there. I made sure my code is not html only and that it was in the footer...
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    HTML Counting Downloads- Intuit Homestead

    Hi everyone, I have pdf's on my website and I want stat counter to record when people visiting our site visit them. Currently, we can only get stat counter to register hits on the page that contains links to the pdfs, not when people actually download them. For reference, we are using...
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    download tracking doesn't work - SC4?

    I have installed the statcounter code on all of my pages 5 days ago and everything is working except the download activty. I saw on another thread that I need to check to be sure I have SC4. I saw that it will have a "click_stat" line in the code. Mine does not. I went back to step 1 four...
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    Multiple downloads logged

    Hi, I like the (fairly) recent addition of download logging, or to be more accurate, recording when a visitor clicks a download link. I've noticed some rather odd behaviour, however, in that some visitors appear to click the download link 2 or more times within a minute (sometimes just 10...
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    Counting Downloads

    Hi, New to this so apologies if the answer is already about, I've looked but can't find it. I've installed StatCounter on a page of my wife's site that has a link to a pdf file. She would like to know the download count. Do I need to do anything? If so could you please point me in the right...
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    How to stop downloading

    I am attempting to sell my photographs online. How can I prevent people from downloading them without paying? Is there a way?
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    Can't get the "Downloads" tab to show views

    Hi, new to statcounter, so this may be a dumb question- I've checked the forum a lot and inserted a line (found this info in a post) to specifiy the download filetypes I want to count, also modified that line to include .mpg files. Here's my testpage