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    How to track pdf downloads when user clicks link in email

    Hi, I've used StatCounter for a while and really like it. I searched for the answer to my question, but didn't find it - forgive me if I'm asking a FAQ! I send an email to clients periodically that has a link that allows them to access my pdf newsletter directly from my server instead of...
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    Downloads and Safari

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this. I checked the FAQ and did a search unsuccessfully, so here I go: I set up the statcounter code in all the pages of my site, including of course the ones that have downloads (since I'm particularly interested in this). It all works swimmingly...
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    some downloads are not recorded

    Hi I can't figure out why DXF file downloads from my Wordpress self hosted blog do not show up in the stats. The visit to the above site shows correctly but not when a visitor clicks on the links to download. Everything else appears to get tracked just fine on all the blog pages and image...
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    Tracking downloads of files that are downloaded without a direct link

    I am a high school math teacher and I have several files on my website that originate from a interactive math program called GeoGebra which is written in Java. On my website I post interactive "worksheets" that are exported from the original file created in the program for both students and...
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    StatCounter not recording downloads

    I have several PDFs that visitors download - I can tell they're downloading them by checking the visitors one by one - yet those statistics don't appear on the page where the downloads are supposed to be tallied separately. Should I be doing something special in order for those numbers to...
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    Exit Links and Downloads not available in all projects

    It have several projects in my account. It looks like some of them aren't updated. Some functions aren't available in several projects (see screenshots above). Can I upgrade them by myself? Or what can I do to make it work.. I realy would like to see the Exit Links and Download activity on my...
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    Downloads and External links with Wordpress

    Downloads and External links with Wordpress (Solved) Hello, Since i use wordpress with the special plugin for statcounter, downloads and external links reports don't work anymore... What to do? Thx!
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    Download Activity

    Hi, I know the question has been asked in this forum several times before, but I still cannot figure it out. Why do I not see any of my download activity, even though I have the statcounter code right before the </body> line, and it includes the line var sc_click_stat=1; ? <script...
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    Microsoft Office Live - Track Downloads

    I recently converted my website from a Google Apps website to a Microsoft Office Live website. When I was with Google Apps, I was able to track file downloads no problem. Now with Microsoft Office Live, downloads do not get tracked. I've followed the install steps and it still doesn't work...