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    How to Build an Email List - 3 Surefire Ways to Build an Email List

    In the event that you need to realize how to construct an email list, at that point you clearly comprehend the genuine POWER of having your own email list. There is such a great amount of potential there, it's not appropriate at all. Truth be told, the MOMENT I understood that building an email...
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    Statcounter - User Account Access Problem

    This message is directed mostly to Statcounter; however, if other users have an answer to this question, I'd be happy to take instructions. It's been two months since I've accessed my Statcounter account, and I've been using this account since early 2000. That being said, when I tried...
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    https in email report

    Goodmorning, Thanks for 5 years statcounters! In my (monthly) emailreports is a link to my websites at the top with "https" but the link will give an error/warningpage (ofcourse). More people have this problem? Is there an solution? Thanks! Anna-Karina (The Netherlands)
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    email exit page

    On the new statcounter all the exit pages are listed in blue and when I click on them I go to the page in question. However when a guest on my site clicks on a contact link, statcounter shows the relevant email address, (my own), It is shown in blue as an exit link but if I click on it nothing...
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    Cannot change email to monthly

    Project #: p7586778 Username: Kayelle Allen I have set all my projects up for monthly reporting, but the project above will not update and remains set at weekly no matter what I try. I have attempted to disable it, change other configurations, and log out and back in, but nothing works. Any...
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    warning email when input cease to arrive

    Hi, this one is very modest. I check my stats once every few months. On the last check, I found out that there are no records for the last two months. (Apparently I accidently ruined the statcounter code) It would be nice to get an automatic warning e-mail if, say, there is no input at all...
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    Multiple websites in one report?

    Hello, For a few years we're working with statcounter now, and we're very satisfied with it. However, since recently, we have split up our old website in 3 different websites. Is it possible to combine the statcounter results in one email report for those three? Thank you!
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    php contact form with no visible email

    I inherited a "webmaster" position, overseeing about 6 simple sites on a G4 xserve (Mac), and I'm wanting to be able to use a contact form that does not reveal my email address in the code, but will send the information to my email address. Anyone able to give me directions?:confused:
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    Email report has nonsense row headers

    hi, I'm receiving my email reports weekly as scheduled, but the row headers are all gobbledygook. Also the Total column has the wrong header. I could not find any related messages in the support forums using search. Any ideas? talkalotachocolate ************** Here's a sample: Mon Tues Wed...