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    Statcounter on Tumblr

    Hi there I’ve had statcounter on my tumblr blog for many many years but have recently noticed no visits have been recorded in a year I went to check the code on my tumblr blog and it’s no longer in the description or in the HTML body of my “theme” Anyway I tried to copy and paste the code...
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    "Database Error"

    Hello, When I logged in with my credentials, I found database error like, "I apologise for the inconvenience but this database query failed to execute correctly while attempting to log you in. This will be fixed shortly. best regards, Aodhan Cullen StatCounter Webmaster A link to the...
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    Error 520

    I haven't been able to access the StatCounter website since the 07th of July. I was able to go into the 'old' site and add some projects but today it's not loading at all. Error page: Error 520 Ray ID: 2c449637e6de15ec • 2016-07-18 08:33:19 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error You...
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    Getting "Statcounter is currently offline" Message

    Hello. I am currently unable to create new tracking codes, or access information from my existing codes. Upon logging in, I see messages from CloudFlare stating that CloudFlare is serving cached versions of pages and that the site is offline. See the attached images for error messages...
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    SSL error in IE browsers // SC Wordpress Plugin

    Hello, The problem is that "" is served via a cdn with an SSL certificate issued by the CDN ( thefore causing IE to report an unsecured items error. We're using the script with the statcounter plugin for wordpress and it...
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    Basic install suddenly not showing URL

    I've been using the StatCounter basic install for years to track page loads on a couple of sites where java isn't available, including LiveJournal. Suddenly, when I look at SC reports (whether Popular Pages, Visitor Paths, or whatever), none of the URLs are displayed -- even for older...
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    Certificate error on Joomla site?

    I've been running StatCounter on my Joomla-driven site,, for the past eight months with no problems. In the last couple of days--just as I had a product roll-out, of course--anyone attempting to connect to my site via https gets an error message that "The server's name...
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    502 Bad Gateway

    I am getting 502 Bad Gateway errors when trying to log in... I cannot log in.
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    Error with wordpress installation

    I am using the wordpress paying for hosting. I get this error message when I tried to install the plug in Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature Please help if you can. I would really lilke to use this software but am...
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    Database Error For The Whole Day?!

    Hello everyone, I wish someone could help me with this.... I get this message when I try to login: Database Error A link to the database server 'missing' could not be established. It has been there for many long hours. Nearly one day. My username is: Mystery777 Free member...
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    A link to the database server could not be established.

    B030 was fixed, and I could get on, and now I am getting an issue with B031. Urghh.