exit link activity

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    Help Please wih Exit Links

    Hi All. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Ok so we have a site with approx 200 pages, largely consisting of directory with a lot of external links. Some pages have one or two external links and some have 50 plus. THE ISSUE we are having is that when we view "Exit link stats" it only...
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    Exit link activity not working

    Hello everyone, I am new to StatCounter, I installed Statcounter script as per directed in my homepage widget sidebar. But Exit link activity isn't working. kindly help me, Thanks a million in advance.
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    Exit Link- Anyone Experience These

    Recent days I have seen these as exit links and they are increasing. http://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-2/html/container.html#xpc=sf-gdn-exp-1&p=http%3A// Anyone know what these are??
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    Never saw this before - { www.statcounter.com/ (Exit Link) }

    I have never seen this before in my visitor paths. Any ideas? " Dec 2 05:11:55 PM www.statcounter.com/ (Exit Link) " My counter is invisible, always has been, and I just checked the page to make sure. So I'm not sure how anyone could have exited the site to statcounter.com without a...
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    Exit Link Activity Problem

    I didn't get an answer to this when I put it within another thread, so am trying a new thread here: I have installed code for a second statcounter project on several sections of my site to measure traffic just within those sections. The problem is that while my original project code, which is...
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    Exits Links clicks not registered - Another possible scenario?

    :confused: Take this scenario: Whilst a page is loading, the user clicks on an exit link BEFORE the page is fully loaded, therefore probably before the StatCounter code at the bottom of the page is loaded. This is quite possible because the exit link is towards the top of the page. The link is...
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    Exit Links and Downloads not available in all projects

    It have several projects in my account. It looks like some of them aren't updated. Some functions aren't available in several projects (see screenshots above). Can I upgrade them by myself? Or what can I do to make it work.. I realy would like to see the Exit Links and Download activity on my...