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    Exit link Tracking

    I have used statcounter for last 3 days. I see during this time there is no data has been shown in "Exit Link Activity" in my dashboard while others data seems to be alright. To know where my visitor is actually going from my site is very important for me. How can i track that? Attachment: 1...
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    Help Please wih Exit Links

    Hi All. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Ok so we have a site with approx 200 pages, largely consisting of directory with a lot of external links. Some pages have one or two external links and some have 50 plus. THE ISSUE we are having is that when we view "Exit link stats" it only...
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    Exit links not counting other websites on weebly

    Needed help on one issue. The exit links and exit link activity counters for my weebly website are counting the outbound clicks to non-weebly links pretty fine, but they are not counting the links to other weebly domains (e.g. to xyzxyz.weebly.com). Is there any way to overcome this...
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    Adsense Exit Link Recorded When No Adsense Ads in Page!

    Hi, I have seen threads about Adsense exit links being recorded by StatCounter and being higher than in Adsense. I have been getting click bombed and trying to identify the culprits to report to AdSense. My ads have been disabled since 5:33 Oct 30. Statcounter is still recording AdSense...
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    Exit links and related ip address

    I'm not sure if it's possible and i'm missing it but wondering if there is a way to check which IP addresses are clicking on the exit links? Or especially if the same IP address is clicking repeatedly on the same exit link? I'm trying to figure out if someone/a robot is clickbombing ads on my...
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    Referral Link/Exit Links not recorded

    Hi, I started using statcounter on my wordpress.com blog by pasting the code given on the statcounter site in a text widget. However while the visitor activity seems to be recording fine, there is no data recorded for referral links or exit links, although I know visitors have clicked from...
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    Filter "Exit Links" by country / by IP ?

    Hello all, first day with StatCounter, so please bear with me. I would like to get a view that displays all the Exit Links for a selected country on a given date range - can't seem to find where this can be done. Thanks in advance.
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    Exit Links Not Tracked in Visitor Paths

    Hi - so I've got a site, you can check it out: 'http://www.battlefield3cheat.com' I have 'cloaked' links that point to an affiliate product, that are 'cloaked' using the "Pretty Links" Wordpress plugin. It basically makes a re-direct for you, really easily. (I think.) So anyhow - when a user...
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    Adsense "Google Adsense 160x600" link

    Hi all, i have the same problem with many users last days, exit link show Ad sense reports as "Google Adsense 160x600" and 0 earnings to my Ad Sense account, i read many post to the web but i don't find any answer, did anyone find the problem? Thanks for advice! I also check the code to ad...
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    Exit Link Activity Malfunction: Wordpress

    Hi, I have a Wordpress blog and installed my code in the footer widget space. Wordpress was telling me several links are being clicked, but my StatCounter exit link page isn't registering it. I've since moved the code to the bottom widget on the sidebar and then the top widget, also on...
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    Track exit link redirected through .htaccess?

    I have recently cleaned up my affiliate links through a simple .htaccess script. Since the links on the statcounted pages now go through the htaccess when exiting, I am of course no longer seeing any exit link stats :cry: Anyone have a solution, workaround?
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    Adsense and Exit links

    Hi there, I noticed something wrong while looking at the exit link activity. In the statcounter log there is an exit click on an adsense ad. The strange thing is that statcounter pretend that the click was made from my ip address. I'm sure I didn't click any ad, and my browser history agrees...
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    Exit links export

    Hi! The new "Exit links" page is awesome. I think it would be also good to have a CSV export, like on other pages. Thanks! Other idea is to group links by domain, so the user can see for example how much clicks are on adsense, etc...
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    Accidentally Click on Adsense Exit Link

    I clicked on an adsense exit link in statcounter by mistake. Does that mean I just clicked on my own adsense link?! When I clicked on it out of curiosity, Statcounter showed a picture of what the banner ad looked like I believe, but it didn't take me to the website of the banner ad. I am...
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    Statcounter does not detect all exit links

    I have Statcounter installed on my Joomla website (in a customized html module). I noticed that Statcounter does not detect all exit links. It does detect the use of exit links that are present in the menu items; it does not show exit links that are present main text (the Joomla 'article')...
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    google ads in my exit link activity from my own IP whenever i make changes to my site

    There is a strange thing happening. Whenever i make some change to my blog(install/uninstall plugin,make changes to some php file),i see some google ad in the exit link activity from my own IP. I dont click my own ads but statcounter shows it from my IP. Other ppl have also experienced this...