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    WhatsApp Won’t Solve the Facebook Problems. Are You Worry About this ?

    Mark Zuckerberg said a week ago that the eventual fate of Facebook may look somewhat more like WhatsApp, the private informing administration his organization obtained for $19 billion out of 2015. "I trust the eventual fate of correspondence will progressively move to private, scrambled...
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    Huge amount of Referrers from Facebook

    In the last week or so I've had triple the traffic to my site - the majority of Referrers are Facebook or m.facebook. When I click on the link I can't get to the page on Facebook that they came from. This seems weird. I don't have a link personally on Facebook to the page they are landing on...
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    Multiple hits by facebook from all over the USA?

    Hi, I was going through my User Paths and saw something interesting.. No referring links. But hits in a row from the domain 'facebook' from cities all over the USA and all within seconds of each other. Does anyone know what facebook might be up to? I do have a link to my website on both my...
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    Log your facebook login times

    Hi. I have a website and i want to see how many times i login to Facebook on that site. Is there anyway to do that? If it is i would like some statistics on it to like time, day, week, month. Thanx in advance! //R
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    Facebook Issues

    Hi: Today is my first day here and this is my first post. Hope to make a lot of friends and learn a lot from you all. A strange thing happened today when I went to log in to my Facebook account. I was not allowed to do so. This is weird because it has never happened before. Now...
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    Wondering about hashtags at the end of entrance links

    My facebook account was recently hacked. While the hacker was logged in as me he clicked a link to my personal website which is linked to statcounter. Is there any difference in the appearance of the entrance link when it is accessed while logged in to my account as opposed to when it is...
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    Seeing facebook.com on popular pages

    Hi, I'm using statcounter since years. Recently I've moved my blogger blog to wordpress and reinstalled statcounter code. But now I see the url "http://www.facebook.com/plugins/recommendations.php" as the most popular page on my site stats. This url belongs to the Facebook Recommendations...
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    FaceBook Unaccessable. Attack or Neutrality Issue?

    I haven't been able to get to FB for about 10 minutes. Could my isp be blocking or is FB under attack? Always its something. :confused:
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    StatCounter with Networked Blogs on Facebook

    Hello, I recently added one of my blogs to Networked Blogs on Facebook. I noticed that if I click the posted link on Facebook to my blog, I sort of stay within a Facebook window. I have noticed hits registering as: networkedblogs.com/4GC1k...
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    Counting Facebook Visitors

    I successfully (I think) installed statcounter on my facebook profile and it is recording visits ..... BUT ~ the VAST majority of visits do not come from the United States. I am getting MULTIPLE visits from places like Turkey, Philippines, Bulgaria, Singapore, etc. But, FEW are coming...
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    facebook as referring link?

    Hi there. So here's the thing, one visitor got to my website through a facebook link -- a photo album by a certain facebook user, to be exact. But when I checked out this referring link, I couldn't find any material there that could possibly link to my website because, well, it's just a...