1. webado

    Huge vulnerability in Firefox and Tor browsers

    Wordfence reports a huge exploit in Firefox and Tor browsers. Use Chrome or Safari until this is fixed.
  2. W

    Firefox private browsing blocks statcounter

    It looks like the private browsing mode in the new Firefox v. 42 is completely blocking statcounter. Can anyone suggest a workaround or maybe some way to delay the setup of the tracking code till the browser is quiet?
  3. D

    Pages will not open in Firefox

    I hope I've got this on the correct forum :confused: The problem that I am having is that three pages of my website will not open in Firefox.................. Each of the pages shows initially but is immediately replaced by a white screen with a brief message "Statcounter - Free webcounter...
  4. A

    Can't see new Statcounter in Firefox (3.6.24)

    Is there something about Firefox 3.6.24 that makes it impossible to see the new Statcounter? All I see is text scattered around the page, no graphics. It displays fine in IE.
  5. D

    Blocking Cookie works in IE but not Firefox, help

    I've been using statcounter for about a year, and it has always set a blocking cookie just fine in both IE and firefox. Today, the 'create blocking button' quit working in FF, but it still works fine in IE. I've tried clearing cookies in FF, checked to see that it is set to accept 3rd party...
  6. J

    Firefox automatically sets to block cookies for

    Hello, I use Firefox 3.6 to access Since a while I don't know when exactly my login cookies for arent saved anymore. Now I figured out that firefox is set to block cookies from If I set it to allow or to default (which also is allow) it sets...
  7. M

    Blocking Cookie doesn't work Firefox/Joomla

    I have successfully used the blocking cookie for several years on non-joomla sites. I just put up a site using joomla, and the blocking cookie does not prevent StatCounter from logging my visits; the cookie does work properly when I use Safari. This would be annoying but manageable except for...
  8. M

    World map of most popular browsers by country

    Using statcounter information I created a sample world map of popular browsers by country available on digg at: Please check it out and let me know how to improve.