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    Hits from IP = Google

    Project ID: 9974623 I am seeing a significant number of hits where the source IP Address is Google. These are clearly not Googlebot hits because: I have disabled tracking for search engine bots. The referrer varies between Google domains from various countries so the actual viewer is...
  3. M

    Stat Counter and Google Analytics

    Please explain how they are similar and different. Thank you Anthony
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    Keywords Unavailable

    Hello I have set up the Google Webmaster Tools to allow Statcounter to access keywords for more than a week. However, most Search Referrals show " (Keywords Unavailable)" - not just, but also .com, .fr, .de,, etc.... Any ideas would be appreciated...
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    Statcounter and Goole Analytics Advice please

    Hi My Statcounter and Google Analytics stats are very different when comparing unique visits. Please see an example below for the last 6 months. My Statcounter settings are set at 1 hour and with google there is no setting but some research online shows it maybe 45 mins. Any one confirm this...
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    Changing my e-mail log-in at Blogger

    My registered e-mail address at Blogger is one that I no longer have! I can still log in with it, using the same password, but I'm concerned that one day they will need to e-mail me some information that I will be required to respond to and then I'm going to be in trouble, as my blog...
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    Sudden Huge Discrepancy Between Google AdWords & StatCounter

    Hi... I've been using StatCount for many years with one website and recently also with a new website I developed a few months ago. A couple weeks ago I started using Google AdWords and for the most part the hits (Page Loads, First-Time Visit, Unique Visits, Returning Visits, etc.) seem to be...
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    Encrypted searches

    Hi, I am quite new here (and quite new to statcounter too). I often check the "Recent page load activity" and see different sources to my visitors. Sometimes it says "Encrypted search", and sometimes "No referring link". When I do an encrypted google search myself (via...
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    Google Everywhere

    A Question: I see Google in Mountain View California using many different IP addresses to view my site ... constantly. What is going on with that? I only have one little site - but why would someone in Google be viewing my site so much ... then I saw from my tracker information in Stat...
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    Difference Bing, Google and StatCounter Analytics

    Hi all, I created a new website and added Google analytics scripts on my pages. I want to test my experience with this program, but I'd also like to look at the possibilities with Bing Webmaster Tools and StatCounter tools. Do you have experience with one of the 3 tools? Can you advise me...
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    Disparity between SC exit links and Google Adsense clicks

    I've found something like this problem in the forum before but haven't seen any definitive response. So I don't know if it's truly a bug, or somehow a misinterpretation on my part. This is one of the discussions: I see my google adsense...
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    Entries from "Google Webmaster Tools"

    I get many hits from: "Location:Mountain View, California, United States IP Address:Google Browser:Google Webmaster Tools" Is this just a robot from google or is it something else?
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    Can this referring link tell me if this user was using a proxy?

    Hey all! I have a question about a referring URL. I've been getting visits on my tumblr blog from various proxies since last month when I told a "stalker" that I was tracking her IP address. Normally, I do not get many hits because most people see my posts through their dashboards. So, I...
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    Request for better Google Sites support

    Gentlemen: For Google Sites the "Optional - HTML Only Counter" generated code must be used because Google Sites does not allow direct entry of JavaScript. As you know this code limits the quality of the service that you can provide. For many reasons it is not currently practical for me to move...
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    Chrome Voice Search

    What do you think about the voice activated search? I was thinking about a murder case (current) where a search for Chloroform on Google is playing a part in the prosecution... however, it was testified today that the search was not done by the person the prosecution is going after... the...
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    Adsense "Google Adsense 160x600" link

    Hi all, i have the same problem with many users last days, exit link show Ad sense reports as "Google Adsense 160x600" and 0 earnings to my Ad Sense account, i read many post to the web but i don't find any answer, did anyone find the problem? Thanks for advice! I also check the code to ad...
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    NY Times article: Dirty Little Secrets of Search

    Greetings & Happy Valentines Day, This lengthy Feb 12th article from the NYT is VERY interesting and explains quite a lot about how search engines work. It also explains how JC Penney got around the google system and what finally happened...
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    Trying to get Google stats...

    Is there a way that I can tell what type of Google traffic that I'm getting? For instance, I want to be able to distinguish traffic from the natural listings vs adwords vs the content network vs the image results. Is there a way for me to get that info? Thanks, Marvin
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    .htaccess tips

    We found that our site was listed in Google...lots and lots of old links from pages we hadnt deleted on our server. Instead of deleting all those old files, and losing the links in Google, we added a .htaccess file and a few lines of redirect all pages, to our index page. Suddenly we...
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    Both of these companies advertise and/or are promoted on StatCounter. In my experience thus far they both are not worth wasting your money on. LINXBOSS - This company offers a back link service (outlawed by Google) The warnings signs from them were obvious from the outset, no contact details...