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  1. email-support

    Can't Uninstall or Reinstall Windows Live Mail / Essentials. How to fix?

    Recently, I uninstalled Windows Essentials, not realizing it contained Windows Live Mail. I, therefore, thought I had completely lost my emails and address book, but when I did a search on my hard drive with the program called 'everything', I found some data files in...
  2. M

    How can I get Google Adsense report using StatCounter?

    Hi, I am Mosharraf and I have a small blog like- USZoneSoft. Already I would add StatCounter widget on my blog. But I can not know, How can I add StatCounter to Google Adsense. Please kindly anyone can help me, How can I get Google Adsense report using StatCounter and How can I show visitor IP...
  3. W

    Online Store Stat shows IP but Stat Counter doesn't

    I don't understand why this person's IP address is showing up in my "who's Online" in my store, but not stat coutner? This person is logging TONS of pages, but Stat counter still isn't showing it over an hour later. They keep coming back and doing the same thing. Is there a way to block their...