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    Statcounter on Tumblr

    Hi there I’ve had statcounter on my tumblr blog for many many years but have recently noticed no visits have been recorded in a year I went to check the code on my tumblr blog and it’s no longer in the description or in the HTML body of my “theme” Anyway I tried to copy and paste the code...
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    Upgrade still showing pages visited as 'unknown'

    username: amerrierworld website: My website is a blog, and I discovered from searching these forums that I needed to upgrade my statcounter account in order to receive statcounter info on the pages of my site that visitors are reading. I have upgraded...
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    Help installing Counter for Tumblr

    I'm having trouble installing Stats counter onto my tumblr URL: I made sure the tracking code was at the end of the HTML before the </body> but i still can't see my friends who are helping me test it and no stats are showing up. Thanks, mvanch12
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    StatCounter is Easy to Use and Install

    StatCounter has long been easy to install and use with Wordpress, but StatCounter also is available on all the major free platforms as well - making it a must have tool for any of the folks going the "low budget" hosting method. Personally I can say I was very pleased with the (semi) recent...
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    Moonfruit Users installation

    I'm a newbie, like a couple other forum posters who couldn't find advice for their Moonfruit sites. (Moonfruit is a popular flash-based WYSIWYG sitebuilder.) I've solved the install, and thought I'd post the info below. To add StatCounter on a Moonfruit site: a) its best to first add the HTML...
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    Error with wordpress installation

    I am using the wordpress paying for hosting. I get this error message when I tried to install the plug in Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature Please help if you can. I would really lilke to use this software but am...
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    Installation as easy as for kindergartners

    Just installed it on some of my WP Blogs and I´m really delighted how easy this was. Although I´m not a native english speaker I had no problems at all. Very easy to set-up and go. Thanks a lot :-D
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    Statcounter is not loading

    I've got a WP site and the statcounter used to work perfectly fine, but now every page where I've got the SC code installed is loading at least 15 sec. I needed to remove the code in order to solve the loading issue - without it the pages load very fast. I also have problems with the...
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    Installing StatCounter on Webs Sidebar

    Hi there, Please help me to install StatCounter widget on my site sidebar which is hosted in I have tried with no luck. It's successfully installed on the home page with project id 6370991 (username Danamandiri) but it's not working in sidebar. Regards
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    Miva Merchant Installation

    If you are installing the stat counter on every page (Category) of Miva Merchant, where does it go? Header/Footer? or Meta-Tags?
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    Installation Options

    When I get to the point in creating a new project where you have the "Installation Options" and select either the Default Installation Guide or whatever blogging or editing software/platform being used, it doesn't matter which I select. It always generates a wordpress, or myspace or some...
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    Complicated instructions for installation

    As someone who has used statcounter for several years with a number of CMS, one of my biggest headaches is correct installation. Luckily, these forums are excellent for getting me sorted. However, some instructions can be get very complicated for the novice. I found a freeware program that...