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    How can I get Google Adsense report using StatCounter?

    Hi, I am Mosharraf and I have a small blog like- USZoneSoft. Already I would add StatCounter widget on my blog. But I can not know, How can I add StatCounter to Google Adsense. Please kindly anyone can help me, How can I get Google Adsense report using StatCounter and How can I show visitor IP...
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    Excessive page loads by single IP address

    Hello. I've built a website and embedded statcounter on the following URL: www.texmexorusa.org/mainmenu.html My username is miguelsal. So, on a good day, my website generates perhaps 75 hits. It's not generally a huge number. Well about a month ago the daily page loads reached 1500...
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    I keep getting visits all the time from the same IP address which is listed as being Akamai Technologies. The page viewed is 'unknown', and the browser, operating system, and resolution are all listed as being 'unknown'. Does anyone know who or what this would belong to? Thanks in advance.
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    Akamai Technologies?

    I keep frequently getting visits from the same IP address that is listed as being akamai technologies, and the page viewed is listed as being 'unkown' , would anyone have any idea who or what this ip belongs to? Thanks in advance
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    StatCounter Recent Visitors Query?

    I am currently using the StatCounter API and I need to gather very specific information about each visitor. I know there is currently a query : http://api.statcounter.com/docs/v3#lookup-visitor-info That allows me to gather information on a particular visitor by defining their IP address...
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    Same IP address with a change in operating system?

    It goes from iOS Apple iPhone 320x480 to Safari on iOS Apple iPad 768x1024 is this still the same person?
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    Why only US listed for location? Question about ip masking, maybe?

    Why only USA listed for location? Question about ip masking, maybe? Hi, Everyone, I'm hoping that you can help me. Why do some locations for users only show up as being United States? Also, is it possible for someone to have an ip address such as If fake, how can someone fix it so...
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    IP Blocking

    Can someone explain the IP blocking feature to me? Does that keep an IP address from showing up in StatCounter, or does it block that IP from being able to access my website? Thanks!
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    Exit links and related ip address

    I'm not sure if it's possible and i'm missing it but wondering if there is a way to check which IP addresses are clicking on the exit links? Or especially if the same IP address is clicking repeatedly on the same exit link? I'm trying to figure out if someone/a robot is clickbombing ads on my...
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    Searching/Sorting by IP label

    I have about 100 students who login regularly, and the ability to add a label to their IP address is very helpful. However, if I want to search for all the visits and page visits made by say, Jean DUCLOS, it's not always easy as I have to look for his last visit among 100s of others. Is there...
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    ip address of visitors

    Hi Had been a stat counter user for years and never had 1 single issue. But recently i had to check some ip addresses of my visitors and cannot find the report. I am sure this report was there. Is this feature removed? Thanks Jeff
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    Can this referring link tell me if this user was using a proxy?

    Hey all! I have a question about a referring URL. I've been getting visits on my tumblr blog from various proxies since last month when I told a "stalker" that I was tracking her IP address. Normally, I do not get many hits because most people see my posts through their dashboards. So, I...
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    IP blocking not working?

    My IP address recently changed, so I added it in IP blocking in project settings. I also checked the box to block the IP address in all projects. My IP (and another one I want to block) still show up it the stats. Never had this problem before so I am wondering if something changed. Do I need...
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    Tracking Emails & block by IP

    When using statcounter in e-mails, can I still block my own IP?
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    Online Store Stat shows IP but Stat Counter doesn't

    I don't understand why this person's IP address is showing up in my "who's Online" in my store, but not stat coutner? This person is logging TONS of pages, but Stat counter still isn't showing it over an hour later. They keep coming back and doing the same thing. Is there a way to block their...
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    transferring IP labels from one project to another? (same account)

    I have two projects (blog) and spent some time labeling IP addresses under one. However, it didn't appear to transfer this info to the other project. Is there a way to do this? I've looked around the site and this forum and couldn't find anything. Thanks.
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    Statcounter Not Blocking Visits

    The blocking cookie page says my visits are not being logged, and my varying IP address is under the IP Blocking settings...yet still all of my visits are being logged. I don't understand! :( I tried searching the forums for while, and I came up with somebody having a similar problem in 2005...
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    Block Stats From Specified IP (s)

    Hello, I was wondering if it might be possible to block the display of hits from specific IP addresses. The use of a blocking cookie is not working for me. There could be two ways this might work: 1) Prevent recording hits from a specified IP 2) Record all hits, but filter the...