ip addresses

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    Google Everywhere

    A Question: I see Google in Mountain View California using many different IP addresses to view my site ... constantly. What is going on with that? I only have one little site - but why would someone in Google be viewing my site so much ... then I saw from my tracker information in Stat...
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    How do I block out my laptop?

    I want to block my laptop from being counted. So should I use the IP address of the laptop or the IP address of the router?
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    Hide IP addresses or change them to visitor 1, 2, 3... for privacy purposes

    Hi everyone, I love the fact that StatCounter stats can be made public. I'm building a local business directory and I want local businesses and advertisers to be able to see which pages are popular. Each business listing has several pages. I'm creating a project for each local business so...
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    Blocking won't work right...

    Hi Everyone, I've recently installed StatCounter on my blog, and I love the functionality... but I'm having trouble with my log files. My first action upon installing Stat Counter was to try and set the blocking cookie on my machines. No problem, and according to StatCounter, it's not...
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    Blocking of ranges of IP addresses

    Our web site, Mostly Food Journal, and others, has recently suffered a 50% drop in page loads, starting on or about 22 June. Couldn't figure out what was going on, as our Google ranking has stayed the same (no.1 for certain searches). Today we found that in the IP Blocking setting there was an...
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    Google IP Address masking real one?

    I have a bit of a cyber-stalker so I keep an eye on IP addresses. Recently, said cyber-stalker (who is not very computer literate at all) may have figured out a way to mask her IP address. (Someone tipped her off that I was watching her activity on my site.) Her regular IP address has...
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    Deleting IP address labels

    It seems as though I can't delete IP address labels on one of my projects. When I click the trash can icon and then click 'apply to all projects' (or don't click, it doesn't matter) the label is still staying on the list. Is this a site problem or a me problem? Also I've been trying to add a...
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    IP Address labeling/ editing not working

    Whenever I try editing, adding or removing IP Address labels from my projects, it doesn't work. Any suggestions?