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    Help With Tracking Exit Links - on Search

    This small bit of code sends search traffic to a given site, The outbound link is not detected, is there any way to convert this and make it look like a click? (adding something statcounter can detect) Take the code it works well :) Thanks for your time /help <script...
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    Zeros and Heros!

    My Site on gets Max 2 a day, Visitors..They Claim It!!
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    Statcounter reports

    If this question is not in the right place I apologize but I Don't see where to send it. I suggest to include in the weekly report a link to the page of the results. Thanks a lot for your work !
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    What Does This Link Mean?

    Hi, I received a visit from ISP Amazon dot com and they landed on the following link: When I clicked the link it took me to a blank page. What does the link correspond to? Thanks.
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    Exit Links Activity : any way to view amazon API checkout exit links ?

    Dear all, I tried to find an answer here in the forum but could'nt find any solution. I'm running wordpress blogs with integrated statcounter plugin + an amazon store using the amazon product advertising API. This means people add items to a cart on my website and then exit my site by...
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    A link to the database server could not be established.

    B030 was fixed, and I could get on, and now I am getting an issue with B031. Urghh.
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    link inside the default hidden counter code neccessary for scripting to work properly

    Just a small question, as I don't know much about JavaScript and can't find out myself: One of my homepages uses lots of centered tables and huge display:block-links - sometimes there is no space outside to put the code in, and Tidy then repeats the framing hyperlink several times in the...
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    my own domain is recorded as an exit link

    hello, i wonder why one of my own domains ( is recorded as an exit-link! in the project settings i have entered these domains: "" "" "" ""...
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    exit link tracking - where to put the code?

    [solved] exit link tracking - where to put the code? hi , i searched the faq and the forum without an answer: how does exit link tracking work? do i need to insert the counter-code at the bottom of my page so that at js-execution-time all links are in the document-tree? or may the code...