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    Inactive project received a hit, how?

    My first project was nearing its 500 log limit, I know it can record infinitely but I like to keep my records, so I created another project and took the original code out for my first project, and reinstalled a new code for the second project to start tracking visits again. Here is the...
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    Need help quick - Log counter almost filled.

    Hi, I've been using Statcounter for nearly a year. So far I am very satisfied with the results. It works wonders with the free version. I was wondering. My log capacity on the top says 425 out of 500 entries. I realize that once it hits 500, the entries which my page received early on will...
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    Why is this?

    Narrowed time range log data: 16 Hits www.knowledgenotebook.com/review/best-note-taking-tips-from-10-colleges.html 13 Hits www.knowledgenotebook.com/review/best-note-taking-tips-from-10-colleges.html Why two listings for the same URL?
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    Log Records being Applied to Wrong Project

    Hi, I have a problem where it seems that the log records for two different projects are going into the same project log. I have a whole bunch of statcounter projects defined, but yesterday I started a new one, installed the code on the pages, and made it live. The records for it are...
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    What the heck is the log size? :?
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    Log quota

    If I reach the 500 limit on the log, does it still keep track of visitors, etc.? I really don't need a log, is it possible to delete? Thanks.
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    full referer truncated in Paths and CSV log download

    In my Visitor Paths, I see a partial referer from google ======= ( United States New York, United States, 0 returning visits Date Time Type WebPage 10th December 2009 05:06:42 Page View www.google.com/reader/view/ home.earthlink.net/~axw/nrk-en/ ======= Why is the google referer...
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    How to calculate Unique Users using downloaded logs?

    Hi all I have a free account and I regularly download my logs to make some graphics and calculations using Excel. I am trying to get the same number of unique users using this downloaded log than StatCounter Summary web page shows me, and I cant! Can anyone help me with needed calculation to...
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    Clearing Log (but not stats)

    I tried searching, and while admittedly I didn't do a completely thorough look, I didn't see a way where I could clear the last 500 log. Is there a way to do this? I tried to figure it out, but... I just can't see to find the way to be able to. Thank you for all of your help =). Context - I...