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    Visitor Map and Visitor Activity Not Equal

    First, The RANGE of the data is the same for both views. So that is not a possible cause of the difference I am observing. The Recent Visitor Activity data tells me that I am having visits from all over the world, places like Belgium, Germany, Australia, you name it. However, the Recent...
  2. D

    Map Flags

    The flags on the map are no longer showing my Russian Compadres. What can I do to get them back?
  3. I

    Display usage google map frame in my pages

    Hi there and thanks for this great service. My request is, to show the google map containing my site's usage (not the whole page with the map, that you provide) inside my web site pages. It's nice to let other people publicly see in a map, how a site is used. TIA Iordanis Sav
  4. B

    Possible identities

    It would be great if Statcounter could use the geographic coordinates to suggest which address or business it is likely to be. Should be quite easy to find the 5-10 addresses nearest to that location. An interactive Google map would be good as well - like the one you can view using an IP lookup...
  5. M

    Map - date sorting

    I would like to be able to say "Visits within past week" and "visits within last day" buttons available on the "recent visitor map" page of stats. Thank you!:mrgreen:
  6. D

    Embeddable stats

    I would like to embed any of stats in my site, like earlier suggestion to embed visitors map. So, if i choose that my stats are public, i want to embed them too. If cant do this of all stats, then at least for recent serches, popular pages, visitors map, recent came from.
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    How StatCounter is helping us with marketing.

    We run a successful South African hosting company. Found StatCounter and suddenly realised (from the map showing where our visitors were in the world) that a lot of international visitors were finding our website. Our reaction...we're immediately adding an International page to our site. I...
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    Visitor map by visit length

    The world Visitor Map could be designed to show visitor locations of those who stayed for more than x number of minutes, or over one hour, etc. StatCounter functions already exist which permit listing visitors by visit length. The same functions could filter the locations placed on the map...
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    World map of most popular browsers by country

    Using statcounter information I created a sample world map of popular browsers by country available on digg at: Please check it out and let me know how to improve.
  10. F

    Embedding Maps

    Is it possible to display the StatCounter-generated visitor map on my website? I'd like to embed the code on my home page. There are other map services, but since this already exists, I'd rather use it if I can. Thanks for your help.