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    Popular pages shows no stats

    I have statcounter on every page of my website at the foot of the page - www.keymertools.co.uk but when I click on the popular pages tab, it says there are no stats. Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks.
  2. A

    Popular Pages - "Chop URL" does not aggregate hits

    Hi, From about the beginning of this month there are far fewer hits shown in the Popular Pages view with the Chop URL option. The sum of all the hits usually totaled to 500 (free account) but now it is around 130. I use the Chop URL view to aggregate hits on urls (to leave out the URL...
  3. L

    Finding stats for periods greater than one day

    I am interested in looking at popular page statistics for the month, or even look back and review stats from a particular day. I can only seem to acquire stats within 24 hours of the current day. How can i extend the date range or review past data?
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    Strange behavior in Popular Pages

    I've started seeing some strange thing on a couple of my projects, mostly having to do with Popular pages. It will not allow me to uncheck the Chop URL box on the Popular Pages screen, so the the list displayed is not helpful. Also, I have set up an email report to send daily with Popular...
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    Popular Pages

    Hi all, could anyone please tell me what is 'popular pages' for? I just tell my boss, 'oh, many people visited this this this page'? Then? How to fully utilize this feature? Anyone? Thank you!
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    Today's visits only

    I use paid account of SC. The stats span to at least around three days. But mostly I want to check "Popular Pages" stats for today only. Right now it takes around 4 clicks to do what I want (Steve Jobs would have fired some people for more than 2 clicks to reach destination!! :) ) . Highly...
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    Combine duplicate popular pages

    I am seeing stats on the "popular pages" feature for two versions of my webpages, like this: example.com/abc/ example.com/abc (with and without the ending slash) I am not sure why this happens. It is a Wordpress blog, if that means anything. My request is to be able to see the stats...
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    Popular Pages by Visits / by Page-hits...?

    Hi everyone, One thing that irritates me about StatCounter's stats is the "Popular Pages" button - because visitors often re-open the same page multiple times in a single session, high-ranking "popular pages" are often popular only to one or two people. And so to my eyes the most obvious...