1. odetarose

    How to add blog at statcounter

    Hello This is Odeta Rose, I am a fitness trainer and blogger from Sydney, Australia. I have a fitness blog. I was searching some sites to analyze my blog traffic so I can see how my posts are working and I found statcounter but I don’t know how to add blog at statcounter. Please help!! Thanks
  2. D

    All projects lost in new statcounter

    Do not know why, but all my projects desapeared in New Statcounter, to see them I have to use OLD STATCOUNTER ... Is there something I can do to fix it?
  3. R

    We are experiencing a temporary problem

    I have been getting this message for a week or more: We are experiencing a temporary problem. We'll be back as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Aodhán and the StatCounter Team I have access with the app on my iPhone, but this message is all that I get with three...
  4. S

    plugin not working

    I have reinstall state counter on my website but now it's not showing me site states so solve it please My site is
  5. R

    Blocking Cookie problem - suggested fixes don't work

    I had no problems at all with the Blocking Cookie before. I've tried all the remedies suggested but it still quits and counts my visits. It shouldn't be something the customers have to fix themselves. I think it should be a bug that gets fixed on the server by Statcounter. Thanks
  6. O

    Growing - no, exploding - stats discrepancy

    Hello, I'm coming here to report a bug/malfunction with the Statcounter engine. While I rely on Statcounter on a daily basis because this system is SO easy to use, I have also installed Google Analytics on my main website, because Analytics is a required reference in the industry as soon as...
  7. D

    7 Accounts, Monthly Stats report

    We got the Monthly Stats Report for March which says the 1st - 31st, but the dates only show March 1,2,4,7,11,16,22,29 instead of all the days. I get the increments showing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 on the days but that doesn't mean anything to me. We currently have 7 websites using statcounter that 7...
  8. K

    Statcounters not working correctly

    This whole week statcounter has been saying that I havent been getting any views to my website. But then i log into my google analytics and its saying i have been getting traffic. what is wrong.
  9. M

    c17 not working or is it a wider problem?

    Been getting this error message: A link to the database server 's54' could not be established. Help please? Thanks!