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    Help With Tracking Exit Links - on Search

    This small bit of code sends search traffic to a given site, The outbound link is not detected, is there any way to convert this and make it look like a click? (adding something statcounter can detect) Take the code it works well :) Thanks for your time /help <script...
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    Encrypted searches

    Hi, I am quite new here (and quite new to statcounter too). I often check the "Recent page load activity" and see different sources to my visitors. Sometimes it says "Encrypted search", and sometimes "No referring link". When I do an encrypted google search myself (via...
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    How accurate are paid search results

    Hi Everyone, I hope you can help? I have recently started an adwords campaign (infact it is adwords express). Google has told me that people coming to my website have searched for one thing and statcounter tells me something completely different. I have contacted Adwords, but they are adamant...
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    Searching/Sorting by IP label

    I have about 100 students who login regularly, and the ability to add a label to their IP address is very helpful. However, if I want to search for all the visits and page visits made by say, Jean DUCLOS, it's not always easy as I have to look for his last visit among 100s of others. Is there...
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    SSL Search: Single digit % of Google searches won't be trackable. It's a small number... only applies to those who log in at Google .com. So how do you like that? Oh yes, almost forgot to add this won't apply to ads. Got to keep those adword users happy.
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    Chrome Voice Search

    What do you think about the voice activated search? I was thinking about a murder case (current) where a search for Chloroform on Google is playing a part in the prosecution... however, it was testified today that the search was not done by the person the prosecution is going after... the...
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    Strange feature for a search engine

    I may be behind times... looking at some generic search results sometimes I find my own sites. For now I am strictly referring to Bng and Yh search engines: I find my sites in results with meta page titles placed there by the search engine. Today I found one titled with one of the header titles...
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    Can I do a search on Recent Visitor Activity page?

    As an example, when I am on my Recent Visitor Activity page looking at where my visitors are from I would like to be able to search for all visitors whose Location is shown as New York, United States. Does StatCounter have a search feature for pages? Thanks.