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    Switched from http to https... visits are way down

    I switched from http to https... and my visits are way down... do I need to change my statcounter code? I'm having issues with some advertising code too, but I think I have a handle on that. *Any other advice on switching to https would be appreciated!
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    SSL error in IE browsers // SC Wordpress Plugin

    Hello, The problem is that "" is served via a cdn with an SSL certificate issued by the CDN ( thefore causing IE to report an unsecured items error. We're using the script with the statcounter plugin for wordpress and it...
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    Detecting encrypted searches

    Hi, I was wondering what method Statcounter used to detect an "encrypted search"? I'd like to add that ability to my website so I can redirect incoming encrypted searches accordingly. I don't know that this question is really StatCounter relevant. Statcounter however seems to be the only...
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    Certificate error on Joomla site?

    I've been running StatCounter on my Joomla-driven site,, for the past eight months with no problems. In the last couple of days--just as I had a product roll-out, of course--anyone attempting to connect to my site via https gets an error message that "The server's name...
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    SSL Search: Single digit % of Google searches won't be trackable. It's a small number... only applies to those who log in at Google .com. So how do you like that? Oh yes, almost forgot to add this won't apply to ads. Got to keep those adword users happy.
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    HTTPS Installation Code

    I do have an upgraded account and need to generate StatCounter code for my https site. As per the instructions on I do not have "HTTPS Tracking [Upgraded Option]" to check on the Installation Options page. Could someone please...