1. J

    Website to https not Counting all pages

    Since we moved our website to an https platform at, statcounter no longer counts all the pages despite the fact that all have the same statcounter code as far as we know. We have just started adding the new code to some pages, but since it was random before, we're not...
  2. S

    No Longer Receiving Website Stats in Email

    My boss stopped receiving automated emails in her Inbox from StatCounter with the total amount of visits we get on our website each month. Is this issue happening to anybody else and is there a fix or a way to request stats? We really need our monthly stats to present to the Board of the company.
  3. J

    Recent Visitor Map

    I am using Statcounter and Chrome is my browser. When I pull up the Recent Visitor Map, the area where the map is supposed to be is blank. :( Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. L

    Changed my Tumblr url, but still got a hit on the old url?

    Hi I recently changed my url for my project, still kept the code. However I got one hit on the old url which was registered on the Statcounter? How could this happen if I had changed my url? Was the old page already loaded on that user's browser and when they tried to refresh it, only...
  5. H

    Spam counted in Statcounter?

    Hi all. Just a brief question. I am wondering, when looking at my weekly statcounter report, whether "spammers" are counted in the number of unique page visits, etc. that statcounter calculates. Does anyone know? My blog has been getting fairly good traffic according to Statcounter but...
  6. S

    Zeros and Heros!

    My Site on gets Max 2 a day, Visitors..They Claim It!!
  7. K

    Tracking Tumblr visits from the mobile app?

    Hi, I'm using StatCounter to track visits to my Tumblr page. However, it doesn't seem to track visits from the mobile app for tumblr, and I was hoping there would be a way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. S

    Computer denied access to Statcounter site

    I am using AVG Antivirus in my computer. Now my computer denied access to Statcounter site. Suggest any other Antivirus for access in my PC.
  9. C

    How To Track Opera Mini Visitors With Statcounter On Blogger?

    Hi fellas, i've searched around but couldn't find any topic regarding this topic. After Google set loose mobile-friendly algorithm on 21st of April, startcounter has stopped tracking visitors using Opera Mini to access my blog site. Am previously using a custom responsive template with...
  10. M

    Short Summary Stats

    hi dear statcounter team can you build Short Summary Stats?( short stats in sites ) have a great day thanks and good luck
  11. D

    Using StatCounter and Google Analytics

    Does anyone know if there is any type of conflict (javascript or otherwise) with using Google Analytics AND StatCounter at the same time? I want to run them both so I can compare stats.
  12. P

    email exit page

    On the new statcounter all the exit pages are listed in blue and when I click on them I go to the page in question. However when a guest on my site clicks on a contact link, statcounter shows the relevant email address, (my own), It is shown in blue as an exit link but if I click on it nothing...
  13. N

    Difference Bing, Google and StatCounter Analytics

    Hi all, I created a new website and added Google analytics scripts on my pages. I want to test my experience with this program, but I'd also like to look at the possibilities with Bing Webmaster Tools and StatCounter tools. Do you have experience with one of the 3 tools? Can you advise me...
  14. H

    Whether my pageview counter have to restart from Zero after I apply FeedBurner?

    Hi friends, I am using Statcounter to count pageviews, it works well. I intend to apply Feedburner as it has many functions that help me to promote by blog. However, I don’t know whether my pageview counter will restart from zero after I use new feed address of FeedBurner [/B][/B](instead...
  15. T

    Not reading stats?

    Hi everyone - I'm about to drop this program. It seems pointless. I've been getting my weekly "stats" email and it always reads 0 but I'm getting comments and I'm getting shares, likes, etc - but statscounter doesn't know they are there! Why? This is my family literacy page: 23 Apr - 29...
  16. A

    Statcounter iPhone app

    I find I do most of my statcounter checking on the iPhone. I note the recent addition of the mobile optimized site, but it just doesn't do it for me. In fact I prefer to view the normal site from my iPhone rather than the mobile site. Having said that, there is a real need for a rich...
  17. D

    Statcounter profile tracking

    to answer the questions of "Who has been viewing my Statcounter profile?" and "How did they find my Statcounter profile?" What do you think Statcounter Jen? :)
  18. K

    Statcounter paid or free

    Hey A quistion about the free and paid version og Statcounter. What are the difference? I know that the system remember more visitors, but what else come with the paid service Thanks to the staff from Statcounter, good work ;-)
  19. M

    Cross-project in-depth visitor info

    (Referred to forum through support ticket) Hello, Is there any way to show a user's activity across all projects? I have multiple sites which link to one another and most visitors click through and I have to switch projects and find the same person. It would be very useful if you could add...
  20. F

    Is it possible to trace clicks within flash?

    Im thinking about geting a nice flash header for my site. The flash header would include a few slides and text that belongs to each slide, clicking each image would lead to different subpages on my site. Will i be able to track these clicks, or should i simply use ajax/jquery to do this? Best...