1. K

    Country stats

    For about the last two months I have been unable to view the Country statistics section of the Country/State/City/ISP submenu. I briefly get a world map outline but quickly it becomes a blank screen. I can however get the State/Region statistics Could anyone suggest a diagnosis please...
  2. L

    Finding stats for periods greater than one day

    I am interested in looking at popular page statistics for the month, or even look back and review stats from a particular day. I can only seem to acquire stats within 24 hours of the current day. How can i extend the date range or review past data?
  3. D

    Can Someone Explain What This Means?

    Hi, I was checking my statistics and noted a nonrefer visit that landed on the following: What does this mean?
  4. B

    Can't Access Stat Counter without Login

    I have several users that need to access the stats for our website, but it doesn't seem to work unless they log in. Even I have to log in every time. I've seen a previous version of the Stat Counter that accessed the stats without a login. Any solutions? Thanks, Betty
  5. J

    Session Cookie lifetime - Statcounter doesn't count every visit to my website?

    I've set up an interstitial ad on my website (WordPress 3.3.2 on Nginx+PHP-FPM+MySQL) through the use of a little trick: The index.php file checks if there is a new session, and in this case we load the interstitial and we set up a session cookie lifetime of 300 seconds (5 mins) in order to...
  6. S

    Can we exclude "file://" and "localhost" from our stats?

    My statistics are regularly skewed by other programmers having saved one of the demo pages from my site, and then working on that page locally, either as a file:// or on their local machine (localhost, sometimes localhost:8080, that sort of thing). There is no reason to record these hosts: you...
  7. C

    I love Statcounter!

    I love the real time statistics given by StatCounter, and all the details about my websites, like visit length, keywords, etc. I discovered this forum by chance, while I was looking for something else. Just wanted to say how glad I am with the services provided by StatCounter. Thank you!
  8. F

    Stat Counter Not showing Accurate Hits

    Webiste: I have pasted xhtml code into the head tags of my site.master page for the stat counter. This site was built with Visual Studio 2010 in C# ASP.NET I dont know if any of this matters just wanted to be thorough. Issue: AW stats and Stat Counter was...
  9. L

    Awesome StatCounter Service

    I have been using the free version of the StatCounter and it has been an awesome tool. I can only imagine the kind of stats I would received from the paid version, which I will be soon using.:mrgreen:
  10. E

    Organized Statistics

    The left sidebar of the stats page gives a nice list of all the different reports we can get from StatCounter. Very nice, but the list itself has no recognizable organization or ordering. How about listing these either alphabetically, or similar reports together (ie: came from and recent came...