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    No Longer Receiving Website Stats in Email

    My boss stopped receiving automated emails in her Inbox from StatCounter with the total amount of visits we get on our website each month. Is this issue happening to anybody else and is there a fix or a way to request stats? We really need our monthly stats to present to the Board of the company.
  2. H

    Monthly Stats for last year not showing

    I am trying to access my monthly stats for last month (December 2015) but am unable to see any stats for last year other than the total yearly figures. I have checked a number of my sites and it seems to be a problem across all my sites not just one. Can you help please?
  3. R

    Disappearing website = Disappearing stats

    Has anyone here experienced a problem like this: About one month ago my website content disappeared. The banner was still there but my pages registered as 'Not Found'. This was corrected after about 24 hours but my ranking totally disappeared. I went from getting nearly 200 hits a day to 30...
  4. J

    Have gone through all the steps, can't find my stats

    When I click on statcounter on my site, it brings me to registration. I believe I've completed every last step. Am I doing something wrong? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Last 8 Days

    Hi, I always use Last 7 days to display my stat counter statistics. It's because it's clear, easy to follow, and I see days names. Only when I have a doubt that traffic started to change, I use 14 days or more to get the bigger picture. What I miss the most is that when I'm checking my...
  6. A

    Downloads in stats

    Hi! I have many projects in Stat Counter and one of them works fine in the downloads stats, the download activity is working fine, it shows me every track of every image that exists in the html file I am tracking. I have other projects in which the downloads activity is not working. I can't...
  7. W

    How to count direct download links?

    Hello everybody, I recently found that direct download links aren't counted. Example : I give a friend a direct link to a file stored on my website. I want it to be counted in StatCounter, but it's not. Obviously, it's because there is no script loaded between the click and the...
  8. G

    Today's visits only

    I use paid account of SC. The stats span to at least around three days. But mostly I want to check "Popular Pages" stats for today only. Right now it takes around 4 clicks to do what I want (Steve Jobs would have fired some people for more than 2 clicks to reach destination!! :) ) . Highly...
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    Flash Sites

    I have created a flash site and I am using this Statcounter, however it is not showing all the pages. According the forum which is closed there are a lot of technical information back in 2007... has this been updated since that time? I would like to track specific pages not just my home page...
  10. R

    Limiting viewable stats for an/any IP

    Limiting stats for an/any IP Hi, I have been using statcounter for many years on just normal static website(s). Now I have it also installed on my new blog (through the WP-Plugin), but now all I really get are very long lists of the same visitors/IP's and when they reach 100 a nice little link...
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    Top 10 -list on website

    I think it would be fun if the visitors could see live stats of 'Popular pages', and 'Keyword Analysis' on the website. A top 10 list, or something like that :wink:
  12. A

    Sidebar gadget

    What I would like most of all is a Windows sidebar gadget displaying basic customized stats. Wouldn't that be a real goodie?!
  13. P

    System and Browser wars stats over selected time period

    We have been using StatCounter for a number of years now (great product) and therefore we have a lot of historical data used in our stats pages (Browser wars and System Stats). But I would like to see what the browser and system stats values are for the last X weeks/months, so I can gauge...
  14. S

    InfoBarrel stat results

    I initially installed statcounter on my profile page on InfoBarrel, then retained that installation and started adding SC to each article published. Even though I received over 125 hits on just one article yesterday as reported by IB and Stumble, my statcounter is showing less than 10 overall...
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    Mobile App

    Is there a version of the stats website that is designed for mobile phones? If there is not, are there any plans to come up with one? It will be great to be able to check stats on the phone when we dont have access to the computer. Currently, viewing stats on a mobile phone is a pain since it is...
  16. T

    Missing Various Stats

    I don't have any stats showing in the following areas: Came From Keyword Analysis Recent Keyword Activity Recent Came From Search Engine Wars Exit Links Exit Link Activity Downloads Download Activity My blog is active and other stats are being tracked.
  17. M

    Sharing website stats with another user on StatCounter

    Is it possible to share website stats with another existing user on StatCounter?:confused:
  18. R

    Why are bot visits counted?

    I consistently see Googlebot visits in my Statcounter stats. I'd prefer not to count such visits since they're not "human" visits. Does anyone know whether this is a deliberate choice of Statcounter or something accidental?
  19. K

    Clearing Log (but not stats)

    I tried searching, and while admittedly I didn't do a completely thorough look, I didn't see a way where I could clear the last 500 log. Is there a way to do this? I tried to figure it out, but... I just can't see to find the way to be able to. Thank you for all of your help =). Context - I...
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    Where to find Country/State/City Stats?

    Where can I find these stats? Thanks