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    Exit link Tracking

    I have used statcounter for last 3 days. I see during this time there is no data has been shown in "Exit Link Activity" in my dashboard while others data seems to be alright. To know where my visitor is actually going from my site is very important for me. How can i track that? Attachment: 1...
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    Help With Tracking Exit Links - on Search

    This small bit of code sends search traffic to a given site, The outbound link is not detected, is there any way to convert this and make it look like a click? (adding something statcounter can detect) Take the code it works well :) Thanks for your time /help <script...
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    How To Track Opera Mini Visitors With Statcounter On Blogger?

    Hi fellas, i've searched around but couldn't find any topic regarding this topic. After Google set loose mobile-friendly algorithm on 21st of April, startcounter has stopped tracking visitors using Opera Mini to access my blog site. Am previously using a custom responsive template with...
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    possible to track ip from message sent before statcounter was applied on tumblr?

    I installed Statcounter to trace an ip of an anonymous person who sent me an ask yesterday on tumblr. I have not answered the question, so it's still in my ask box. If I answer the question, will it then trace their IP? Is there anyway to trace it even though the tracker was applied after the...
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    Tracking individual pages

    Hi all, I have StatCounter html code on all my individual pages of my web site and when i go to Popular pages to drill to it doesn't show me visits to those individual pages.... I see hourly, daily traffic as a whole to the site, but NOT the pages... I tried re-installing the code...
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    Google Everywhere

    A Question: I see Google in Mountain View California using many different IP addresses to view my site ... constantly. What is going on with that? I only have one little site - but why would someone in Google be viewing my site so much ... then I saw from my tracker information in Stat...
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    Only some visitors being tracked

    Something really weird is going with my StatCounter. I've been using SC for years, but it's suddenly not tracking all my visitors. I wouldn't have even realized this, but I looked at my site while I was at home and again at work and it's not tracking my visits. I'm not blocking any ip addresses...
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    No info on my traffic sources or referrals

    Hi, I can't get any info on my traffic sources. I've tried to fix it, but nothing has worked. My username is JuneOHara and my site is ''. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Flash Sites

    I have created a flash site and I am using this Statcounter, however it is not showing all the pages. According the forum which is closed there are a lot of technical information back in 2007... has this been updated since that time? I would like to track specific pages not just my home page...
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    Not Tracking Video

    Don't know if anyone can help but statcounter is not logging my video. Is it the way its coded on my page? If it helps it "" (its a cool video to watch). Thanks, Mark
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    tracking download problems

    I have several pages in my website that I am tracking and trying to determine how many/often downloads occur. The downloads work in some pages, but not others. I am using publisher, unfortunately, so editing the code is cumbersome. I have the SC4 version. I have placed the code at the bottom...
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    Missing Various Stats

    I don't have any stats showing in the following areas: Came From Keyword Analysis Recent Keyword Activity Recent Came From Search Engine Wars Exit Links Exit Link Activity Downloads Download Activity My blog is active and other stats are being tracked.
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    Disable my own IP so not to be tracked in my stats

    ***SOLVED*** Hello, I've searched for this topic but can't find it. I'm sure it exists so please forgive the duplicate post. Does anyone know where I can disable my own IP address from appearing in my StatCounter tracking? I've looked under all settings and profile sections and can't seem to...
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    Tracking Domain and Sub-domain

    Hi All, I have a website And I have created a sub-domain Can i track both using a single account of statcounter or I need different accounts. Please guide me.
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    exit link tracking - where to put the code?

    [solved] exit link tracking - where to put the code? hi , i searched the faq and the forum without an answer: how does exit link tracking work? do i need to insert the counter-code at the bottom of my page so that at js-execution-time all links are in the document-tree? or may the code...