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    How to Get More Website Traffic for Free

    1. Create a Google My Business Account id you know that an optimized Google My Business listing gets 7x more visits than an incomplete one? Don’t forget that your listing links to your website, so this is a great way to get more traffic to your website. Keep in mind also that Google is getting...
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    How to get traffic from differente location of world

    I want to increase my blog's traffic from worldwide. I mean i'm from india and my most of traffic come from india. I'm facing this problem on my bloggingbook blog. you can see it bloggingbook. net and you can see, there is only indian traffic. almost 90%. So, How can i get traffic from all...
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    How to increase traffic on my website from specific locations?

    I installed the stat counter to check the visitors of my site. My website is US based and I got traffic from other countries. Can someone tell me that how I can reduce my traffic from other countries and increase traffic from US?
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    Anomalous Website Visits From University Servers

    3 days ago there began a sudden upsurge in hits from university servers to my site. Before that I had noticed here and there occasional visits from universities around the world (Univ. of Oslo, Univ. of Brazil in Sao Paulo, etc.) mixed in with visits that tracked back to ISP's where our...
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    Web traffic, Amazon Web Crawlers, and Ad CTR Anomalies

    I have a few very strange things happening on my site, and I'm hoping someone might have some insight. I use both StatCounter and Analytics to monitor my traffic. One thing I've noticed on StatCounter is that I have a ridiculous amount of (Ashburn, Virginia) traffic that appears to be...
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    What Does This Link Mean?

    Hi, I received a visit from ISP Amazon dot com and they landed on the following link: When I clicked the link it took me to a blank page. What does the link correspond to? Thanks.
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    How long does it take ?

    Hi, i am new to this forum, welcome everyone. I started a website, with very little knowledge of how to build one. But with good references and guides on the internet, i was able to get my head round loads of problems that i am happy about. I am now at this stage: 4 months and i have a 2.1...
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    .htaccess tips

    We found that our site was listed in Google...lots and lots of old links from pages we hadnt deleted on our server. Instead of deleting all those old files, and losing the links in Google, we added a .htaccess file and a few lines of redirect all pages, to our index page. Suddenly we...
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    How much traffic is generated by Statcounter?

    My hosting provider is complaining about the amount of traffic on the schoolwebsite I've made. It's mainly uploading images etc which caused this, but I was told that they have awstats installed on the webserver. So there's no need for other traffic counters... I´m addicted to Statcounter...
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    Statcounters not working correctly

    This whole week statcounter has been saying that I havent been getting any views to my website. But then i log into my google analytics and its saying i have been getting traffic. what is wrong.
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    Ban Hits From Traffic Generating Websites

    Hi, everyone. Here's a suggestion to the Stat Counter team: put a setting in which users can block hits from a certain domain such as Traffic Era or Traffic G (Traffic Generation) as there seems to be a person who keeps sending invalid hits to my site via these websites. These traffic generating...