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    Statcounter on Tumblr

    Hi there I’ve had statcounter on my tumblr blog for many many years but have recently noticed no visits have been recorded in a year I went to check the code on my tumblr blog and it’s no longer in the description or in the HTML body of my “theme” Anyway I tried to copy and paste the code...
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    help me please

    I've been using stat counter for a few months now and everything was all perfect, but then suddenly I tried to visit my tumblr and it doesn't work? It is just blank, but if I take stat counter off it then it works perfect, I don't know what to do and it's been like this for a few months now...
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    Use StatCounter code in more than one site?

    Hey, guys. So, I make tumblr themes and I'd like to keep track of who's using my themes. I thought of creating a new StatCounter project for every theme I make and add the tracking code to the themes, but I wonder if it works? :-| Like, will I get all the views my themes get from every...
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    Tracking Tumblr visits from the mobile app?

    Hi, I'm using StatCounter to track visits to my Tumblr page. However, it doesn't seem to track visits from the mobile app for tumblr, and I was hoping there would be a way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Help installing Counter for Tumblr

    I'm having trouble installing Stats counter onto my tumblr URL: vanchdressing.tumblr.com I made sure the tracking code was at the end of the HTML before the </body> but i still can't see my friends who are helping me test it and no stats are showing up. Thanks, mvanch12
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    Put the code on Tumblr, when I press "update preview" it gives me a blank page.

    Is this normal? I haven't tried to save it or anything.
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    Statcounter not working with Tumblr

    Hello, I'm having a hard time getting Statcounter to work properly with Tumblr. My url is ****.tumblr.com and it's just a simple photo blog with very few hits. It is behaving very erratically. It won't record my hits or hits of my friends who have been helping me try to figure out the issue...
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    possible to track ip from message sent before statcounter was applied on tumblr?

    I installed Statcounter to trace an ip of an anonymous person who sent me an ask yesterday on tumblr. I have not answered the question, so it's still in my ask box. If I answer the question, will it then trace their IP? Is there anyway to trace it even though the tracker was applied after the...
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    Does Statcounter work for private protected tumblrs?

    Does Statcounter work for password protected tumblrs? It seems to work fine on my public blog, but when I put the statcounter code into my private blog and ran the installation check, statcounter said that it couldn't detect the code on my blog. Does this have anything to do with the fact that...
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    Tumblr mobile app users logged by statcounter?

    Hey everyone - I hope this already hasn't been answered, but I haven't been able to find any info in my searches so far. I have a statcounter for my tumblr page, and it does a decent job recording everyone. I have one user who recently starting checking out my page and because they also...
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    Not tracking outbound links?

    I'm sorry if this been asked before, I did a search and none answered my question. I have a Tumblr account and I have noticed in my reports that on my "Exit Links" only sites outside of Tumblr are being recorded. For example, I have links to several Health and Fitness websites, like WebMD...
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    Statcounter not registering phone users who visit my Tumblr

    Hi guys, I've been using statcounter for years on many different projects, and I LOVE it. It's my favorite counter I've ever used. But I've come across a little buggy issue, and I'm hoping someone can help. I currently have a website, and a Tumblr, and I have 2 statcounters (one for each)...
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    tumblr and 0 second visit message?

    Hi there, have just started using statcounter just for interest to see who is viewing a blog I run on tumblr and where they are, etc! However, I am getting a little confused. I pasted the code in to my html description box as the download guide told me to, and I have been getting regular...