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    Changed my Tumblr url, but still got a hit on the old url?

    Hi I recently changed my url for my project, still kept the code. However I got one hit on the old url which was registered on the Statcounter? How could this happen if I had changed my url? Was the old page already loaded on that user's browser and when they tried to refresh it, only...
  2. H

    How to specify an URL for tracking

    My question is that should I use URL likes dropbox. com/l/scl/zYjat7u4Srkg3DSpuD2nP or something else in order to track count? Secondly how and where I can place several lines of code into the right place? Thank you,
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    Please suggest me the cheapest hosting company!! thank you in advance.
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    New URL; import old data (project) in new project

    Hi, i moved my blog from my family-URL to a new URL. (www.family-oosten.com/blog -> www.maillard.nl) I made a new project for www.maillard.nl. Now is my question if it's possible to import visitor-numbers from the time on www.family-oosten.com (first project) to maillard.nl (the second...
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    What is this URL suffix?

    When I get my statcounter reports, I notice that some of my pages have suffixes added that I don't understand. I'm sure that it is just my ignorance, so I am hoping that someone can help. They are: Basic URL - after which is - &msm=(long string of characters);cst=(long string of...
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    strange url suffix

    Hi, I installed statcounter to my webpage: www.votodesilencio.com and when I enter the main site, click one of the sub - sites the url changes like that: http://votodesilencio.com/index.html#.UMpU1nfNl8E http://www.votodesilencio.com/dvd_experience.html#.UMpc-G_Ad8E which did not...
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    What Does This Link Mean?

    Hi, I received a visit from ISP Amazon dot com and they landed on the following link: c.statcounter.com/3877710/0/808f7b17/0/ When I clicked the link it took me to a blank page. What does the link correspond to? Thanks.
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    Site.com or www.Site.com

    When creating a project should you use Site.com or www.Site.com or both? Google sees them as 2 different sites, does StatCounter?
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    Wondering about hashtags at the end of entrance links

    My facebook account was recently hacked. While the hacker was logged in as me he clicked a link to my personal website which is linked to statcounter. Is there any difference in the appearance of the entrance link when it is accessed while logged in to my account as opposed to when it is...
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    identifying recent visitors

    Is there a way I can find the url for a visitor to my blog?
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    Don't truncate referring URLs

    I often click on the referring URLs, and get a lot of relevant information that way; but many of the longer URLs, especially from Google images, are truncated, and therefore can't be opened. Is there any way StatCounter could include the complete URL for any given visitor?