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    Visit length

    i would like to see the length of time a person is visiting each page, and the total time spent on my site.
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    Visit Length query

    It might sound stupid but I don't know how the Visit Length is calculated. I base this on a search of my site from my work pc. I was on it for less than 10 minutes but the Visit Length shows as 23 hours 42 mins 43 secs! I'd be grateful for any feedback. PFM
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    Visitor map by visit length

    The world Visitor Map could be designed to show visitor locations of those who stayed for more than x number of minutes, or over one hour, etc. StatCounter functions already exist which permit listing visitors by visit length. The same functions could filter the locations placed on the map...
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    Visit length

    Why are so many visit lengths listed as 0 seconds? I was worried about this so I asked a friend to visit my blog. He spent a lot of time reading every single post (I know he's telling the truth) yet his visit length shows 0 seconds. Does StatCounter discriminate according to the way visitors...
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    Blogger and Visit length

    :confused:When I analyse "visit length" lately for my different blogs I get varying stats and at the bottom of the "visit length" page there is a suggestion to install the statcounter code on all of your pages for a better understanding of your visitors' behavior. Is this possible with Blogger...
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    Visit Length?

    so, hey guys, i'm not that much new to statcounter, but there is something i don't understand. when i look for a specific visitor, there is a line which tells you about visit length. so if he/she visited my site at 01:00 pm, and the last visit is at 11:00 pm. and i'm seeing the visit length...
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    Visit Length by Specific Range

    I would like to see visitor length of stays by daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.. for use in reports. I assume that the visitor length function currently available is an "overall" picture of visit lengths from the time I started the project. It would be nice to be able to select a date range to see...
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    Sort Visitor Activity

    I would like a sort feature in the Recent Visitor Activity for sorting by date and then by visit length (as well as the other items viewable on that page). I would also like a feature to not display entries with visit lengths of zero. I am interested in viewing real, live readers and not the...