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    Total Visits Figure

    Sorry if this is a real 'newbie' question but I have only just started with StatCounter. Can I ask how one views the total number of visits to one's site (i.e. ALL the visits to date) ?? Many thanks. Steve.
  2. P

    Automatic collection of Statcounter data

    I collect monthly statistics from a number of New Zealand blogs for use in my NZ Blog ranking list. Currently I am doing this by using a web query in excel and refreshing the query each month. However, I have some annoying problems with the web query to Statcounter data. There is a...
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    Page views and visits stats together in my website

    I would like to display in my website the number of pageviews and visits at the same time, but I can't find how. i would like aswell to display the figures in the last 24 hours. Is there any way I can do it? At the moment I am using (at the bottom of the page) the visits code from Statcounter...
  4. K

    A bug? Statcounter is combining two sets of visits to display as one

    Hi guys, In my statcounter account, for some reason under "Recent Pageload activity", it combines my visits and someone else's visits because I can see under "System" it shows Chrome browser whereas I don't use Chrome. When I expand that entry, it shows Firefox and the drill down shows my...
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    Returning visits and Visit length make no sense

    Hi, I don´t understand the relationship between Returning Visits and Visit Length, because they don´t make sense to me. For example, when i look up into a specific visitor, it may say: Returning Visits: 15 Visit Length: 55 seconds How can somebody return 15 times in 55 seconds...
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    "Paid" label refer to Adwords?

    Hi all, this is my first post and I'm new to Stats Counter. I'm using adwords. I don't know if a person is reaching me through my ad or organically. Some entries show "Paid" and I'm thinking this is off the adword. My site is: '" If anyone can look at the site to see...
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    visited for 0 seconds???

    i have so many visits which last 0 seconds...are the really that "bored" when they visit....i mean, its a jewellery can they tell from the moment the page loads that they dont want to look any further?...also... if i log on or a friend logs on where they brings up a...
  8. L

    Returning visits fail?

    Hi. I justfound something very weird with the returning visits As you can see statcounter tells that there is 29 returning visits on that ip, but why is there just one logged visit? 17th July 2009 14:20:08
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    Counter recording one visit multiple times.

    Lately almost whenever anyone visits my blog, the stats are recording their one visit anywhere from 5 to a dozen times in a row. Example: They'll click on the link I give on Facebook which takes them to my blog (where the counter is), and they'll only do it once -- but it comes up several...