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    My website averages 200 to 300 Unique vistors but donot conversion daily 5

    My website averages 200 to 300 Unique visitors but don't conversion daily 5 query so 100 to 150 visitors in foreign country but don't convert to my website in query, so please advise and grow to conversion daily 2 to 3
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    Jacob Wagschal Typepad advice

    Hey guys I'm Jacob Wagschal from Monsey, NY and I love real estate and created a website that I paid for. I need help on ways to connect with people and get my blog out there to more people. It's all about real estate and I already posted it on all my social media accounts, but I would like if I...
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    Website stopped counting

    Hi there I am the 'webmistress' (albeit a title I do not deserve as I am not up on any of this stuff) for flash-photography. eu which appears to have stopped working, no visitors not even me or my photographer are being logged and I have no idea why? Can someone help please? I am also same for...