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    Need a business theme!

    Hi friends. Hope you are doing great! In my knowledge there is only a website : Nulled Theme Stock where I can download a free theme to boost my business, could you please help me to suggest any other platform to download the theme.
  2. A

    Does anyone facing problems with new wordpress updates

    Share your experience if any?
  3. L

    Wordpress.org plugin - async version of install code

    I am seeing warnings in Google Chrome re statcounter cross browser code, and that it could be slowing down loading of each page. This topic has been raised many times in this and other forums re statcounter. In the statcounter help is advice on this...
  4. D

    Is a static front page with no footer a problem for stat-counter?

    I've started another wordpress blog fairly recently - about three weeks ago. The theme I chose has no footer widget space; all the widgets go into a sliding side-bar. I've also got a static front page. And I'm getting no hits at all. Not even the Google crawler, except once. So the...
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    Turn tracking OFF on one WordPress post

    I have a self hosted WordPress site PropellerSafety.com It uses the official Stat Counter plugin to put the code on every page/post. The site is a hub for information related to boat propeller safety issues. One post about a British entertainer killed in a propeller accident gets a substantial...
  6. K

    Upgrade still showing pages visited as 'unknown'

    username: amerrierworld website: https://amerrierworld.com/ My website is a wordpress.com blog, and I discovered from searching these forums that I needed to upgrade my statcounter account in order to receive statcounter info on the pages of my site that visitors are reading. I have upgraded...
  7. L

    Statcounter for certain Wordpress page?

    Hi everybody, I have the Statcounter code installed on my Wordpress blog. It works fine. But is it possible to install a Statcounter code for a certain page that I made? Johanna
  8. G

    Wordpress - SC installed on every page?

    Hi Just wondering when you install SC on WP using the plugin and project ID does this install it on every page, not just home page? Thanks G
  9. D

    Exclude a page on Wordpress

    Hello All I would like to exclude a page from my Statcounter tracking on a Wordpress website. I have seen a similar post from 2009 but was hoping there had been some headway since then?! The reason for this is that we have a lot of 'visits' from spam machines that originate from a certain...
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    SSL error in IE browsers // SC Wordpress Plugin

    Hello, The problem is that " https://www.statcounter.com/counter/counter_xhtml.js" is served via a cdn with an SSL certificate issued by the CDN (ssl2.cdngc.net) thefore causing IE to report an unsecured items error. We're using the script with the statcounter plugin for wordpress and it...
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    New theme corrupting .htaccess on wordpress

    Hi guys, I've just created a new website with wordpress and have uploaded a theme to it which is the same as my other website (also wordpress). It uploads fine, but when I go to permalinks and change this to custom I get an internal 500 server error. The only way I can get my site back is by...
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    Wordpress Plugin Help

    Newbie to StatCounter - searched Forums for WordPress plugin and other related terms... couldnt find an answer - finally posting a new thread... Project code: 9162316 Username: dolphinmarine Website: dolphincentrifuge.com Site Host: External (1and1.com) Plugin Used: Yes / Statcounter...
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    Wordpress issue

    There are times when wordpress generates an automatic address for a post, but you can change it later. e.g..... wordpress.com/date/flowers to ........wordpress.com/date/fruit and flowers However, if you do that the statcounter never seems to catch up, and forever after visitors to that page...
  14. N

    Stats all at zero for last two days?

    According to Google Analytics, my site http://www.ciphermysteries.com/ had ~400 visitors over the last two days, but the StatCounter stats for the same period are precisely zero. I use (and have used for a long time) the latest [1.6.3] version of the Official Statcounter WordPress plugin...
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    Session Cookie lifetime - Statcounter doesn't count every visit to my website?

    I've set up an interstitial ad on my website (WordPress 3.3.2 on Nginx+PHP-FPM+MySQL) through the use of a little trick: The index.php file checks if there is a new session, and in this case we load the interstitial and we set up a session cookie lifetime of 300 seconds (5 mins) in order to...
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    Targeting Single WP Page for Tracking

    I have Statcounter installed on my WordPress blog and it's working great. LOVE IT!! But I have a special circumstance where I need to track a single page as a separate project (or in some way be able to see the hits on that particular page easily). Any ideas?? Thanks, Mel
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    Visited URLs stopped being displayed for html-only counter

    I am unable to see any visitor URLs similar to the problem seen here http://forum.statcounter.com/vb/showthread.php?t=35397 I use statcounter on wordpress. Is this related to the partition problem http://forum.statcounter.com/vb/showthread.php?t=40998 I created a new project and tried to use...
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    StatCounter is Easy to Use and Install

    StatCounter has long been easy to install and use with Wordpress, but StatCounter also is available on all the major free platforms as well - making it a must have tool for any of the folks going the "low budget" hosting method. Personally I can say I was very pleased with the (semi) recent...
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    Wordpress Plugin Bug - Unique Visitors counting wrong

    Hi, I have one problem with the wordpress plugin: Whenever you work on a article / page and use the preview function of wordpress then the "unique visitors" count for that page increases by one on statcounter. Every time you preview! So if the url looks like this...
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    stat counter on blog

    I run a blog as well as a static webpage and I want to separate out my statistics. Is it possible, first of all, to run Stat counter on the wordpress platform, and secondly to enable it to selectively show statistics for the blog pages only? Sorry if this is confusing. there may be an easier...