“Came From” option to cut addys to the Domain name?

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Could “Came From” have an option to reduce addresses to just the domain name... or iif thats not possible the first 16 characters?

This would then just give overall stats on which search engines or banner ads are working well. (I have banner ads on a number of pages on a large website so each click on a different page gives a different Referring link)

For example I get 2 referring links for

Where I would just like to know that Google as sent me 2 hits.

With just the first 16 characters the referring links would be:

Basicaly the stat page would then read
20 http://www.googl
20 http://www.yahoo
10 http://www.xxxxx
5 http://www.yyyyy

Whats your thoughts? Would this be possible? Would it be useful for other users?

Thanks for your time :)

Done. Check it out in "came from".
You are kidding me! In less than 24 hours, on a weekend, and the result is just terrific!!!!!

Thank you!!!! :) It makes it so easily readable.


*Love my StatCounter!*
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