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I only buy things when I feel they are outstanding products. After using this service for 4 days and getting know it a little better, realizing that it is much better than what I used to consider the best counter available (after 6 years and a couple dozen tracking services later), I had to go ahead and become a paid subscriber to StatCounter.com. I needed the bigger log and I found a couple other perks they give you as well when you subscribe...Plus I found that they make the log a little bigger than the 1000 they say there giving you..shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I told you! Anyway on top of needing the extra log I feel better about using the service now that im paying for it because it is an outstanding service. This is how I show my appreciation to the people that created this service.. with my pocket book. Thanks! :D
Wow dude, i got about 10 pop ups from your site and a damm installation window that would not stop openining! wtf is up with that!

Sorry to the people that attempted to use my profile info to view my website.. I had the wrong domain listed.. Its familylife.net not com.. o and swoosh.. Your animation is incredibly offensive to anyone that’s not brain dead.
too bad

Lizanderik its ok if you dont want to visit my site... i was offended
by a image of someoone pissing on my presidents face... and if you were
offended because i used the words brain dead when talking about that
image and you were aware of why i used those words then you are no one
that i want on my site, nor one that i would associate with in any way
shape or form. I do NOT attack John Kerry on a personal level, I dont
call him stupid, or put picture of someone pissing on his face on to every
post i make on a public message board. This is dissrespectfull and this person is out to offend as many people as possible with this.
what i said was

What i said was "Your animation is incredibly offensive to anyone that’s not brain dead" Lizanderik obvioustly was not offended by the anmation but offended by my brain dead comment. Need I say more?
You guys need to get a grip! its a damm picture! A PICTURE! only a picture! chille out go smoke a joint or something!
You really need it!
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