5 Tips to prepare for NIFT (Masters) in under half a year

Nift offers post graduate programs in
  • Design
  • Fashion technology
  • Fashion management

These courses are for a duration of two years.

Entrance for Masters in Design

The entrance for Masters in Design is similar to that of Bachelors in Design, There is the GAT (General aptitude test) that takes place , it comprises of various sections like :
1) Quantitative Ability
2) Communication Ability
3) English Comprehension
4) Analytical Ability
5) General Knowledge and Current Affairs The number of questions may vary in each section year to year.

Once that is done the Creative aptitude test takes place, the CAT varies each year. It’s unconventional and puts the candidate’s artistic abilities to test.

The GAT accounts for 30%, the CAT for 40% and the Group discussion and Personal interview is for 30%
Entrance for Masters in Fashion Technology and Fashion Management

As for Masters in Fashion Technology and Fashion Management 70% of the GAT is taken into account and 30% is reserved for the group discussion and personal interview.

Tips to crack the Exam in 6 months to 1 year
Since you’re preparing much earlier for the exam you have quite the head start, but you must make it a point to incorporate your study timetable with day to day activities and be regular with it.

  • Read the newspapers- Preparing for the entrance 6 months – 1 year beforehand means you can read the newspaper everyday , though there are monthly magazines available the newspaper is always a better point of reference. This will help you cover the General knowledge aspect of the GAT and will also help you contribute better to the group discussion. The Hindu and Deccan Chronicle are highly recommended.

  • Practice talking in front of the mirror- This is the oldest trick in the book, when you practice in front of the mirror you will be able to make note of your flaws and mannerisms, you can work on it once you find out what they are. This will help you perform well in both the group discussion and personal interview.

  • Work on detailing – This is important for those who want to pursue Masters in Design. It is suggested that you work on detailing, the examiners pay attention to intricate details and notice the overall neatness of your presentation. Your presentation has to stand out from the thousands that take the exam, you can only do that by giving it a uniqueness and a sense of originality. It’s advisable that you harness your creativity with neatness, anything can be creative and messy but it is exceptional when something is creative and neat. By taking all this into account you will produce desirable results in the CAT.

  • Take mock tests – Once you find all the sections manageable it’s important to take mock tests. It’s recommended that you do this every month, Online platforms like DQ edge allow the users to take mock exams from home. They analyse your strengths and weaknesses and tell you what you can work on, by attempting mock tests on DQ edge you’ll be able to track the rate of your progress.

  • Talk to students in who have cracked the exam – The students who have cracked the exams will have more to tell you about it and the course, see if you can incorporate their methods of studying into your own. Many toppers are from DQ Labs, try and get in touch with them and enquire about their strategies of preparation. You will find that their input is vital.