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I'm designing an online calculator where the user fills in about 8 questions (written in a script). Now my boss wants to add a database or system to the back that records all the data and I've got no idea how to do it without outsourcing to a really expensive programmer.

Just wondering if anyone could give me a steer on the type of programme I should be using for this?

Is there a really easy way of doing it?

Thanks in advance.
There's no easy way to explain it. It all depends on how it's set up right now.

It's the form processing action script that has to collect the data and either write it out to a flat file or add it to a database.

It can only be done if the form processing action script is run server-side, so it cannot be javascript. It needs to be php or asp or whatever is supported by your server.
Great thanks Christina. That's given me a good steer.
Hi since im a web designer and have developed such programs can you explain me what exactly do you want to do?

The best way to store some data and then to print them is to write the program
in php which is supported in the back by the mysql server.

That is not really hard what you want to do,anyway if you need any help im here.Im also offering to do it but it will cost you.Development should take some 2 days. :D
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