A non computer topic - The favorite car you have ever owned

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My uncle had a '70 or '71 'Cuda with the 426 hemi engine. That was the way it came from the factory. He was a police officer in a small town in Northern Michigan at the time and frequently drove as fast as he wanted. I can remember some scary rides with him at the wheel.
My favorite was my Mitsubishi Eclispe GT Spyder Converitble. Deep red Burgundy, black leather interior with after market chrome fancy shmancy wheels and damn expensive some sort of racing tires. CD player, and great speakers. 6 cylinders me thinks. Sure could go fast. Althought I didn't ever go much faster then I was supposed to be going.

oh I miss my car boo hoo.
jonra01 said:
KMPH = I think that is Aussie for 'keep moving people, hurry'

kmph = kph its an international forum so I tried to keep it simple

100 kms = 73 miles per hour I thinkish...
160 kms per hour = 100 miles per hour.

Most roads in the city are 60, suburbs 50; motorway/freeway etc 110; Brisguy keeps to 40...
Our fastest road was the one from Darwin to Alice Springs with had no restrictions at all! Now its 130 kmph or kpk

Now if you have one of those 3 wheel jobbies on the road from darwin to the Alice you are in deep do-do!
Car Guy eh said:
Your favorite car is not unnecessarily your best car!

So, so true. . . maybe especially for guys. The first car is like a first kiss or first love (which probably happened in that first car =) Mine did. And, guys, fess up: true? Best car, first car, and favorite car are seperate categories. . .
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