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The only thing missing from what I consider to be an otherwise perfect service is the ability to reset all statistics to zero (without having to resort to deleting a project and starting a new one).

There must be someone somewhere who knows how to do this. I'm sure the answer exists, it's just not been found yet! :)
webmaster said:
...Why do you want to have a reset feature though?
My projects are contaminated with records of my own visits.

When I create a new project I visit it to ensure that it's working correctly before I choose to have the blocking cookie.
abajan said:
webmaster said:
...Why do you want to have a reset feature though?
My projects are contaminated with records of my own visits.

When I create a new project I visit it to ensure that it's working correctly before I choose to have the blocking cookie.
Your own visits will drop off soon enough, because only the latest 100 are kept.
Yeah, I know. It's just that it would be nice if I could just press a reset button to remove them right away.

Upon reflection I guess it's not really that big of a deal, though.
belford said:
What might also be good is to be able to block certain ISP's. Like my client is so busy she never logs in to get a blocking cookie yet she and her employees and myself actually all use a small hometown ISP so if we could be able to block a certain ISP that would be great as I can't block her being her IP# is not static so is always changing. So to say use AOL as an example lets say I want to block all AOL users then you could say if the ISP=AOL then block it from the count as an example just for cases like this where it's needed. :)
Well, if that were possible, you'd be blocking lots of genuine visitors as well, all coming from the same ISP. AOL is very widely used.

I think I saw something that suggested that eventually the possibility of ignoring IP addresses with "*" in various nodes may be possible. It's just not available yet.

You could probably install your own script where you analyze the IP of the visitor and then execute or not the Statcounter script. But this would slow things down somewhat though.
belford said:
I used AOL as an example only but in my case there is just the 4 or 5 of us using our local ISP that visit the site. So in this case in would be fine to block the IP because we're the only ones visiting the site that use it being it's a local ISP. As I said just using AOL as example only!
If it's just 4 or 5 of you then you may get everybody to use the blocking cookie. For that they'd each have sign into the same Statcounter account and enable the blocking cookie for their own PC's. This will stay so only until they clear their cookies though.
belford said:
Problem is though their so busy she doesn't even log in to check the stats let alone log in to do the blocking cookie she leaves it to me to check the stats, which being a close friend I don't mind doing but meantime does screw up the stats.
I hate to say that and please don't take it personally, but if the visits of one or 2 people, even if frequent, actually manage to significantly skew the stats, it sounds as if the site doesn't even get that many visits from what may be referred to as "meaningful" visitors either. Moreover, in that case, it should actually be easy enough to weed out the "false" visitors.

Too much reliance on counters and stats tends to fog the issue. They are just indicators, that's all.
belford said:
No the site doesn't get a lot of hits because of the nature of the site as it has a limited audience but problem is if she visits the site lets say 10-20 times a day (her home page reason why the number of visits) it just makes it hard to find out who is visiting the site cause I have to weed through her and her employees visits and if in weeding through the visits I miss one it could very well be important and I do mean important. But just because you may think it's not a useful feature to have doesn't mean others may agree. Main problem here has been the fact that our ISP IP#'s are not static so we can't add the user simply to the block list in order to block.

As for your closing comments in this case it's the visitor that is important and where they come from as she's lookign for specific government hits for funding purposes. The more the government visits means it could be an indicator for more funding for her research so in this case the stats help us know if a government entity has visited and from which location be it the senate or house or government agency or lab so there's a reason we're tracking visits so closely.
I wrote a simple php script which will possibly help in your case.

Essentially what you do is use the script which will put the original StatCounter inside an if clause.

  $ipaddress = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

  $hostname = gethostbyaddr($ipaddress);

 $findme  = 'my-isp-name';
  $pos = strpos($hostname, $findme);

  if ($pos === false) {
 //will be using the StatCounter code below the echo

    echo '
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
var sc_project=999999;

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="http://www.statcounter.com/counter/counter.js"></script><noscript>[url="http://www.statcounter.com"][img]http://c1.statcounter.com/counter.php?sc_project=999999&java=0[/img][/url] </noscript>

                 ' ;   }

          else {
//will not be using the counter
           echo " " ;  }

Where you see the statement $findme='my-isp-name'; put the most identifiable portion of your ISP's name instead of my-isp-name - like maybe AOL for instance.

What follows after echo is really your StatCounter code (between and .

This should work to bypass the StatCounter when it identifies the ISP as the one you want to ignore.

You'll just have to be careful not to accidentally drop or modify quotes (single, double must stay as is), or any other punctuation or spelling.

I hope this helps.
Forgot to point out...

I assumed you can use PHP on the web site. If not, I am sure the PHP script can be rewritten in javascript, except I don't have a reference manual for javascript while I do for PHP :lol:
belford said:
Thanks will give it a shot and see if it works. And I take it I also replace the stat counter coding with hers?
Wherever a particular Statcounter code appears you can replace it with the php script I wrote (but put the right information about the ISP in it and of course the applicable StatCounter code).

First make sure PHP can be used on the web site. Usually you cannot test it on the pc unless you have the whole server set up as well. You should work on a copy of the file where you placed the Statcounter in the first place, until it works properly.
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