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As most of us run on dynamic IP; whether it is high-speed or dial-up; I am finding out that the blocking cookie does not work and the blocking by IP only works so often. As I move my laptop from one network to the next I am given a different IP.

Now, amongst the many other million things I have to do it is just not in my top priority to check what my IP address is so I can block it so now when I go and work with my site and check my logs I see that I have taken up 70 something page views..... This really throws the stats off

Let me stress again that I have the blocking cookie installed on the computer. It does not work.

If I had the ability to delete these log files that would be most excellent. I understand the reason that you do not have this right now however perhaps you could make that available to the premium clients. That would be just one more incentive to sign up with your services.

Please add this feature.

Hope it helps


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Are you perhaps deleting your cookies through something like Adaware? If so, you can identify the Stacounter cookie and place it in the Adaware ignore list.

The blocking cookie should work - if you are using IE. For Firefox, there's a thread explaining how to create the blocking cookie.

What I would like to see is a funciton to delete the blocking cookie so as to go back to logging my visits if I so wish. Right now I have to go and find the cookie and delete it manually, because simply isntructing StatCounter to log my visits isn't enough, or maybe that is a bug.
No, I have the blocking cookie on the ignore list for adaware. That would be a nice feature as well.... to be able to delete the blocking cookie. That is once it works for me.
How about you delete this cookie once, and then reset the blocking from Statcounter. Maybe the cookie is "stale" and it's not the one StatCounter is really looking for.
Just stop logging your own visits using the blocking cookie and/or the IP address. Check the settings for your counter and also the configuration.
I think that individual deletion of visitor stats would be real handy. I don't have my own computer and use one at various libraries and thus I don't know what the IP would be at any given time, but once I access my stats I can easily see which ones were a result of upgrading my site and it would be helpful if I could go through and edit those out.

Wow - that was quick. I was speaking in general for some time in the future...

Want to thank you again for the services you provide :!:

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