About Statcounter in Dublin

Following on from the recent Irish newspaper article about Statcounter posted earlier here.

For anyone interested in the real-life location of Statcounter, it is pretty central in Dublin in the old quarter known as The Liberties (as seen, Guinness Storehouse is marked on the map, more about the area). It still has some traditional shops and markets.
Statcounter is also within an area of other tech activity called the Digital Hub. Perhaps "Digital Pub" might have been a more Irish identification versus Silicon Alley, Silcon Alley and the like, in anyway also having Guinness round the corner from Statcounter...
Statcounter itself is in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, as the name suggests it also used to be a part of Guinness beer complex.

See the orientation at top of maps, above Eastwards with the city centre in the background, Guinness Enterprise Centre is a little to the right of the Guinness Storehouse visitor centre.
Below a Southwards overview.
(Note the inset views of Lighthouse ;-))

Splitting this up, since the forum limits the number of images per post...
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As for the building itself...

Yup, a little bleak in its immediate location, especially in black-and-white, but as said with more interesting historic surrounds, and the front facade is a bit more done up...

and of course welcoming within ;-) .......
Youtube videos about the Centre:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1zbJ6bdaAc with Irish prime minister walkabout

As seen these folks are seriously into brick walls, though not banging heads against them.

Wait here, and the Count will be with you shortly.

At a Statcounter workspace... or counter.

And so we come to the canteen, honouring their main company by having Lady Cullen framed on the wall.
If you are ever in Dublin, do call round, Statcounter will be happy to hear your tales over coffee and muffins.
"Can you believe I had 220 visits last night?!!"...

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