Ad blocked instructions

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When I visit Statcounter I get a message about ads being blocked.

I click to read more info about whitelisting and get,
"Click the icon for your ad blocker extension in your Internet Explorer status bar (bottom right corner)"

I don't have an icon in my status bar.

I use Kaspersky but have the ad blocking part disabled.
Anyone know why the ads are still getting blocked and how to whitelist statcounter
(feel it is only fair)
I've narrowed it down to Kaspersky
When I pause it the ads show, when enabled they are blocked again.

No idea why though as I have the ad blocking part of Kaspersky switched off, I'll go and ask in their forum.
I'm having the same problem - no idea how to turn off an ad blocker that I don't specifically have. I've had a number of sites lately tell me I'm using an ad blocker, and I go elsewhere usually. Can't with Statcounter though.

I do have Kaspersky 18 though, and under the Protection settings, I turned Anti Banner off, and the ad blocking notice went and I got ads.
As far as I can see, latest versions of Kaspersky don't have a whitelist to add sites to, so I'll leave Anti Banner turned off.
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