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StatCounter Team
Hi all,

We currently track over 100 search engines - this means that when we give you your keyword analysis, these keywords are extracted from all the searches done with the 100+ search engines we know about.

If we don't know about a search engine, we can't extract the keywords from it, so tell us if we're missing any!

Keep an eye on your referring URLs and let us know about any search engines you want added.

If you want a search engine added, you MUST post an example of the full search url here so the query string structure can be seen. When you go to a search engine and enter a query, the full search url is what is available in your browser address bar at the top of all the search results.

Please do NOT post this kind of thing:

This is what we are looking for:;_ylt=A0geumvNSTVIiloALcTqFAx.?p=montreal+gas+prices&ei=UTF-8&iscqry=&fr=sfp

As the search engines are added to the StatCounter system, I'll update this thread to let you know.

As Webado has outlined several times, adding the various search engines to the StatCounter system is not an automatic process - each search engine must be added manually.

Here are some full search URLs to get the ball rolling:
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some full urls:

the various national msn and yahoo versions are probably main ones for me
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Hello, these are some search engine (I'm sure they are not added)

Yahoo Answers

(subDomain can also be not present)





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Korea, too

I get a LOT of hits from a Korean search engine, The below are all in the last three weeks

Here are examples of the links listed as referrers (apparently, Koreans are nuts for Paul Creston): CRESTON creston creston&frm=t1&sm=top_hty maslanka&frm=t1&sm=top_hty Creston
Another search engine: SweetIM (powered by Google)

Example (query):
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You need to provide examples of referrer urls so the query string structure can be seen.

I've never even heard of this engine, so it must be a rebundled one.


StatCounter Team
Hi folks,

I have been doing a big clean-up on this thread today.

I have had to delete a few messages that wandered off-topic OR which didn't provide full search URLs.

As Webado said, if you are posting here to add a search engine you MUST provide an example of the referrer urls so the query string structure can be seen.

We need this:;_ylt=A0geumvNSTVIiloALcTqFAx.?p=montreal+ga s+prices&ei=UTF-8&iscqry=&fr=sfp

NOT this:

I know progress is slow with adding the search engines you suggest, but I will be talking to our developers about this just as soon as I can!


StatCounter Team
Hi all,

I've spoken to our tech team and with the launch of the beta we will be able to add far mor search engines than we currently track!

Roll on the general release so...!


StatCounter Team

For anyone who is interested, here is a list of the search engines currently tracked by StatCounter - 197 in total!
SE Request

Hi their, hope you are doing fine and here is a new SE that might be included however it's not in English so hope you can know how to parse the URL:

Just thought it might be helpful if it's added to the list of supported search engines in Stat Counter as am getting a lot of visitors from this one?

Thank you in advance, and keep up the good work.
Search engines not included


My site is in arabic, and there is a fast growing search engine which is :

here is the search link for the word chat:

here is the search result link for the word شات (Chat in arabic)

i wish you add alexa search too to the search engines.



After i posted i found some one asked to add that search engine too. so im sorry, but i will keep it my post as a support for his/her post

Alexa search result for Chat

wish its included too.

thanx again

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I guess that Msnbot is an iImage enabled robot. You'd be seeing Yahoo's inktomi and Googlebot Images too. If you ever see Googlebot proper it's because they are running it image enabled.
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