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I receive traffic everyday from and it would be nice if it were added to the 'Search Engine Wars tab. Thank you!

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StatCounter Team
Hi Mark,

We already track the following search strings:

Can you give us an example of some of the search URLs you receive that are not being covered?
Thank you for the reply. The following URL strings I am copying from the 'recently came from' tab. They are showing up there, but not under the 'search engine wars' tab. I was just wondering if these searches could be added to the other tab as well? stages of pancreatic cancer&search=search&qsrc=0&o=0&l=dir can ...b6> <DIV id=s6></DIV></DIV>&qsrc=0&o=0&l=dir of offshore drilling&search=
Yahoo Taiwan is not counted in Search Engin War report

Dear all,

HI! How are you? I would like to know how can we request to be included as part of Yahoo search hits in the Search Engine War report?

If I use the "recent came from", there is lots link from! (please see part of the report for reference)

Dec 2 12:13:56 AM /
Dec 1 10:36:42 PM證照&fr=yfp-ss&ei=utf-8&v=0 /
Dec 1 10:34:52 PM證照&fr=yfp-ss&ei=utf-8&v=0 /
Dec 1 10:34:16 PM證照&fr=yfp-ss&ei=utf-8&v=0 /
Dec 1 10:34:04 PM /
Dec 1 09:23:01 PM課程 %E6%96%B0%E7%AB%B9&y=% ... /post/2/262
Dec 1 06:28:45 PM詳細說明&fr=y ... /post/2/174
Dec 1 06:01:48 PM ...要答對幾題&fr=yfp& %E8%A6%81 %E
Dec 1 04:33:29 PM搜尋&fr=yfp&ei=UTF-8&rd= ...

Once again, thank you everyone for your kind attention!


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