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    Hi Guys
    Not sure how this works looking for some advice.

    If i have my final url as ""....i assume this is where people will end up on when they click my ads.

    if my display path is "".....does this page have to exist? as i am getting a 404 when the ad is clicked.

    i undertood the display path to be an extra indicator of what content was on the page they were clicking and that the display path url (page) does not really need to exist in any form...and clickers would end up at the "final url"

    as i said, i see 404 pages when i clicked an ad with an additional display path text..

    your advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards
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    The ad has to lead to a landing page which has to be a real and proper url, without redirections involved. Obvious this also means that url should not respond with a 404. Your Adwords account will be suspended if the landing url responds with 404.

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